Mithril Horde - KGold's Guide to Find the White Queen

This is my guide to find the chesspiece white queen.

  1. Lord Lifehacker gives you this quest in the Palace of Yuz-Second floor. Enter the door near the staircases.

  2. Enter the Black Tower. It can be found on the northeast part of the map, in front of the Heatrani Mountains. You can pick the lock of the door in front of the entrance. Inside you'll meet Da'ali the Blackman after fighting dozens of knights.

  3. Talk to him, and you'll be transported to the chessboard. Fight the Black King and the two Black Knights there, then talk to the Blackman again to get back to the castle.

  4. He'll ask you to bring him a copy of Boris Spahsky's book. You can find it in Bethlusaa's Lair. As you get in, open the nearest door with your shoulder, and enter one of the teleporters behind it. After arriving go along the corridor and enter the nearest teleporter.

  5. You'll arrive to a place where you won't be able to see anything. Do these steps(important): 1 forward, 1 right, 1 forward, 1 right, 1 forward, 1 right, 2 forward, 1 left, 2 forward, 1 right, 2 forward, 1 left, 1 forward, 1 left, 1 forward, 1 left, 3 forward, 2 right and 1 forward. The book is on the ground there.

  6. Enter the teleporter, then take the book back to Da'ali. He'll give you the white queen. Take it back to Lord Lifehacker for his blade.

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