Trouble with wolf bounty

Hello Cat. FYI on a minor bit. I've killed several wolves for bounty, however I haven't yet gotten the bounty sign to recognize that I have killed any wolves. The bounty hunter himself tells me to check the sign. I have screenshot proof if needed to help out. Thoughts? The bounty feature in Thor's Hammer was clever and fun. Platform is Android. Cheers.


  • This works perfectly for me. If it is an Android specific problem, you need to write If you write him, tell him I don't see any problem, nor did any of the testers. Nor has anyone else reported a problem that I know of. I wish I could help you more, but I can't.

  • I found the same problem as the game went on so just sold the furs.
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    It might be a problem with the Android platform. Write elendil and let him know whether you're playing the embedded or standalone game and what version of Android you have. I can't see any problem with this. If it's an Ios problem too, let him know that and what version of Ios you have. He's the only one who can figure out platform specific problems. It could be on mobile that if you're playing the embedded version and have a lot of expansions loaded, the game has trouble searching the globals. The bounty tests whether you have a plus one of the global set when you kill a new wolf. Memory on mobile is limited. We test on pc.

  • Ok. Thanks.
  • Update- works mostly now. No clue why it decided to start giving wolf bounty.

  • Sometimes if you have a glitch and play for more than seven in-game days, that resets the game. Don't know what happened for you but am glad it worked.

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