Stuck at beginning of M.M.R.

Hello everyone. I am right stuck at the mmr. I enter the hole and have cleared the initial west room with the single transporter/2 fountains and the south hallway. I can find no switches to get walls to open up or a key to get into the north-east mirror room itself. Is there gear I need to have? The sewer drain room is another hurdle as I have more been able to reach that pile of dirt. I swear I have tapped, sliced, burned and tried disarm.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


  • I'm not exactly sure where you are. Here is a pic. If you can describe for me better where you are, I can help you better. Here is a map of the north

  • And here is the south.

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    As you entered this level, there is a red flag on the wall to your left, tap it to get a key to the area (east in this map) where you need a key to open a gate. Use the lever there in the north to allow you to get to the tomb in the area where you crawled through the drain so you can get another key. That key should let you get to the mirror room. When you get to the room with mirrors, the secret is to walk around to set things visible.

  • Wow. I TOTALLY missed that flag. I started tapping that wall after it. THANK YOU

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