Caerworn Castle Quest List

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The Quest List --


  • Ooo guessing this is a good sign re: date for release!
  • Just sent the file to Elendil. It's in Redshift's hands now.

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    Yesss, finally Cat. It was definitely worth of waiting. 75 quests are promising huge exploration.

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    Lots of ghosts and demons. Starting to work on Hero of Lukomorye IV.

  • Another good news with HOL IV. May I know appx. release date and what is your road plan for 2019? Thank you.

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    I can't say when HOLIV will be done. I have to do the HD graphics and add new quests and test of course. Before the end of this year.

    Road map for 2019?

    Celtic Doom, then new expansion that takes place in the area of the Andaman Islands. Very excited about that. Sand monsters. Sand and more sand. Castles above the sand.

    Then Hero of Lukomorye V.

    I can't think beyond that but if there's time to do a fourth, will possibly do one of the Asteroids expansions or Dragon Jade. I have great graphics. :smile:

  • Appreciate your answer Cat and cross my fingers. Looking forward to all of it. Your fan.

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