Mithril Horde I - KGold's Guide to Finding Roland and Completing his Quest

This is my guide to find the guild member Roland and to complete the quest he gives.

  1. Chdo gives you the "Find Roland" in the Mapmakers' Guild.

  2. Go to the entrance of the Heatrani Mountains, what's near the river in the middle of the map. Keep west until a magic denies mapping. There's a tussock there. It's hard to lose sight of it as that's the only plant among the walls of the mountains. Step on it, and you'll fall into a hole.

  3. Roland is there. He 'll give you the quest named "Find the cloak of the Orang Antu"
    After he's gone, step 2 north and 1 west, and tap the wall, then tap the other wall behind it, then the one behind'll get into a small room. Don't change direction, step north and tap the wall there. Then tap the skeleton behind it, and the cloak is there.

  4. Return to the Mapmakers' Guild to Chdo for finding Roland, and to Roland for finding the cloak.

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