Wild fury in the old temple

I have just about clicked on and attacked everything in the old temple and even tried some random spells at some things and I’ve found dragon tail but not the spell of wild fury, what am I missing?


  • Hit the walls in the far northeast to reveal a passage. You are going to need a key.

  • Finally got through, must have clicked that exact wall like three times before I posted but got it now, thanks
  • Gyffes' Law: Post and ye shall find. ^^

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    Hi, I am in the far notheast of the hall and there is a beast behind a wall and attacks me. I cannot open the wall, although I got a strange green key in a fight.
    Is it a bug? I thought attackind all the walls what open one of it..

    Tx for your help guys!

  • Sometimes tap works too. : )

  • I’m in the old temple and standing at a gate. I cannot open the gate and I have looked everywhere for a key. No idea what to do now.
  • You need the Odd Shaped Green Key. It's dropped by one of the Cursed Pontiniakhs there.

  • I had to search the entire dungeon to find the key. I must have killed this one with a ranged weapon and didn’t realize it had been dropped. Thanks for your help.
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