Mithril Horde I - Theo's Guide to How to Get the Lifehacker Blade

How to get the lifehacker blade in horde
Written by Theo

To get the lifehacker
First goto horde then into the palace of tux on the second floor in the first room look around until you find the chess club and go in lord lifehacker will be there talk and hit problem he will ask you to solve a simple problem of chess the answer is the third one down if not try til you find it then he will teleport you to a room where u fight chess peices after u dispatch them talk to lifehacker to go out then talk again and hit another problem he will tell u da Ali stole his queen find it ok now goto the heatrani mountains and go right past the river till u see a big black building enter it and go down The tunnels there are two enemies these floating demons and black nights at the end of te tunnel he will be there but guarded by black nights if low level use the door technuiqe where u get some to follow you and then at the door go out heal go in fight go out heal and repeat til done now after that go talk to da ali he will also transport u to a chess board but not as hard do sane as before kill enemy talk get out now talk to him about queen he will give if you give him a book now mark here and go back to lifehacker he will tell u bethlusaa has a copy of the book if u need help with bethlusaa look at micheles guide now in his lair u need to get into the main teleporters first in the passage kill the slaves then teleport to the realm of te dragon captain now find a teleporters to central teleporters the signs say what's what when there look on signs til one says drk realm go into that it will be black in here there are tiktiks and holes use ure minimap to move around avoid all holes and rocks and goto end teleporters before u teleprted check the floor and the book will be there if u fall down a hole look at all the black lines and when u find or that's not a torch hit it for ladders it in northen part also all holes same now recall to da Ali and give the book and he gives queen after that go back to lifehacker and give him the queen and he gives u the lifehacker blad congrats u now have the best dmg blade in game it does 200-500.

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