Kambers chamber

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Ok, so got rid of the pillars to the sides, killed the blue giant, got 2 red walls left. When I touch one it send me to just outside the chamber, the other takes me to a room that is left to the chamber with black pillars....so I'm stuck...

I have kambers amulet

Also, I came across a cave where some rocks push you back, can't remember where that damn cave is, pointers pls


  • Found the cave, so scratch that

  • If you have the Free Princess Bebhona quest, you can hit a blue wall not far from where the Blue Giant was. Did you speak to Kamber? When you say you're stuck, what do you mean? You need to find him in his Stronghold perhaps?

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    Ive completed the free princess bebhona quest. I was looking in his chambers, when you said stronghold realised I was in the wrong place.

    Also, got the two following quests outstanding.

    Rushas sparkles, can't find the frond goblin
    Craft a magic circle, no idea about this one.

  • Killed Lambert, all done, just the two outstanding quests above 😊

  • When you talk to Rusha, she sets the Frond Gremlin visible to the mid east, east of the second wooden road.

    "For Nycimus, Hall of Fire Magic, Merlin's Keep, Holy Island, cast a Magic Circle of Fire to summon a Fire Elemental that can take you to a cave full of treasure. Share half of the gold you find there with Nycimus."

    --Nycimus helps you craft the circle via the dialogue and summon a Fire Elemental. Let the Elemental take you to the Smoking Cave and bring back the treasure you find to Nycimus.

  • Found the amulet,I must have killed the gremlin and not picked up the amulet 😏

    In the smoking cave, found a switch behind the no name dragon, but pressing it does nothing....

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    All sorted 😊

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