All finished, great expansion!

edited July 2018 in Thor's Hammer

I just finished Thors Hammer after playing it almost non stop.
I'm still just shy of level 16 so will come back and complete the Arena later.

I really enjoyed this expansion, the story and the setting.

As a sidenote, I live on the north east coast and my town has St Hilda's Church.
It's built on the site of a monastery where St Hilda was abbess, about 10 years before moving to Whitby Abbey (which I guess is the one in the game)

It was fun to see something so local in a game anyway!

Any recommendations on which expansion to try next (iOS HD)?
I've already played Celtic Rift recently on non-HD, and would like to keep my lvl 15 character. I cant face playing the base game yet again, and I think I've done Fire and Ice quite a few times too.


  • I'm glad you enjoyed it and St. Hilda's. Liz and I do research before making the expansions so you might run into some familiar things if you live near them. : )
    Celtic Rift HD would probably be right for your level but you could try Luko I. You might have to run a lot but it's doable.

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