Dreaders' Guide to Celtic Rift

Thank you to Dreaders for allowing me to post his wonderful guide:

I’m going to skip non-essentials, flower picking, bush clicking, etc. Don’t use if you don’t want spoilers but I had a rough ride with bugs and logic on this one so I’ve written out a core walkthrough that worked for me. Might not for you.

Arrival : Islands of Lubdan
Touch the stones for exp.
Weapon shop. BTBrown offers to build a sword – almost certainly not worth it. Pick up a Witchs Staff if one is there.
Raven will take you to Freymore or Boardroom of the Gods.

Boardroom of the Gods:
MARK this area by your stash.
Just run down the hall picking up every quest.
Book seller also has a quest.
Teleporter to the East goes to Island of Lubdan where you arrived.
West goes to Village of Albion.

Village of Albion:
Arrive in between 2 teleports. North goes to Fortress of Brugh. South to Boardroom of Gods. Stay here for now.
Ignore the purple boat – that comes later. You can take another boat, but no need right now will do it later.
Items to collect where you see them and keep:
Make habit now of buying Batton Buns at every Inn until you have 30 (you could stop at 20 actually because you’ll be given 10, but however you do it you want 30 in your inventory).
You also want to be picking up Bags of Wood, until you have 5.
Also check you have at least 1 Green Beer in your pack for later.
Keep Rune Gems – a shop in Lydney Village sells them (expensively), you can get from mobs and an NPC later too. Need a bundle of them, probably about 15, but just keep them all to be sure.
Buy 1 Fireproof chest (usually with Vanora at the Inn in Albion)
Buy 1 candle (Inns usually)
1 Cure Medusas Eye potion.

A Golden Chest is in a bush behind the Inn. You get different sorts of chests that can be unlocked – they aren’t quest items.
WELDA -small hut near the bottom of the square gives Rejuvenate the Tree. You won’t be able to complete for a long time but take it.
Go see Dylan the Guard and he’ll unlock the gate as long as you have King Mersants letter. The magic barrier can be DISARMed. Go in.

Castle Loegria:
The Kings Armory upstairs has some items – a nice shield to be enchanted.
The guard on the 1st floor tells you the Queen has gone to Fortress of Glass.
Go to the tombs – click the skeleton on the right, his riddle is No.
Go through the door and walk into the dead transporter- it will start working with your skull key from the skeleton. You can use it, it just goes across the chasm. Clear the area if you want – there is nothing to do here for now.

Up the last stairs to 2nd Floor
Tell Dorf it’s the bumblebee to open the East door. In the Queens Room is a mirror – go through it to find a not-so-well King Logrinus who will give the Fortress of Glass key. The mirror gets you back out.

The North door goes to an armor room, and Lady Lenore will give you the Create a Maiden quest. Don’t head through the teleporter to the Conservers of Time yet. Instead go down the stairs at the end and back out to Albion.

You can probably find a Druidic Wand for 35k ish at Renfews – you’ll need it much later but one may drop on Bog Island so check that first.
He’ll also have a Diamond Cutter – much cheaper and again you’ll need it much later so grab it now if you want.

Go slightly into River Lub and find Kindo the key thief. He can unlock those chests you keep getting. Loot is random but you can load/save or just go with it. I just go with it.
Go to the NW corner of Albion and across the bridge to Bog Island

Bog Island:
NPC called Hogmouth will give you a quest to find his bow on the other side of Bog Island. “Cross Bog Island”. It’s in a yellow bush near the hollow tree.
Some of these bushes (usually yellow) can be hit with a weapon to remove them. There are warrt disease poison blobs on the floor.
In a couple of places you can sucked down to Under the Bog – but we need to finish our quest before properly exploring this area, so just ping back up a ladder and go back to Hogmouth to hand in the quest. He tells you he stashed goodies in a hollow tree, which he also handily turns in to (!?). Enter it.

The Leprechaun Tree:
A small dungeon with several floors. When you go for the treasure on each floor you get pushed back. One floor we can sort out now, the others need us to go Under the Bog. Go up twice, get the gems, hit the odd wall, and hit the switch. Back to the bottom, pick up the gold, exit and get sucked down one of those bog holes.

Under the bog:
Follow the walls – hit the out of colour/pattern ones, and look at every wall for tiny switches. Also watch because it auto-rotates you sometimes – annoying if you are searching thoroughly and don’t noticed you changed direction!
You’re looking for:
Boggy Witch – Pay her to upgrade a Witchs Staff if you have one but you actually just get a new Bewitched one plus the Witchs Staff (which you should keep hold of as well).
2 switches – hard to find, be persistent and look for odd coloured walls they may be hidden behind. They change the traps in the Leprechaun Tree, so head back there when you’ve found them.

The Leprechaun Tree:
Pick up the treasures on each floor. Head back out and back to Albion. The head to the section South.

Albion Wood:
The teleporter in this area goes to Boardroom of the Gods if you want it.
The Altar of Offering wants some Mistletoe, which you should have by now. It’s lying around, in discoloured bushes (pale) or dropped from mobs. You get 3 diamonds from it.

You will also find Lubba in a hut, who wants to get you in a bath. Of course it’s a trick but loot is loot so play along and kill. She drops Hot Pants which are great to enchant for legs.
Clear the area and head West

Wicken Fen:
There is a lone tree in this section. Head in there to the Fen Caves

Fen Caves:
You can used ranged, or if you’re strong enough take the hits/use magic immunity and close to engage. Go about 3 paces North and you’ll see an alcove on the left with a switch in it quite far away. Shoot it. Face North, to the left of the mob and there’s another one. Shoot that too. You should now be able to close in on and kill both Bog Wights.

Head on to the East and walk up to the magic barrier on the East side (you’ll take a hit from the Mire Spawn probably). Hit the barrier. Now you can close on the Mire Spawn. You can also hit another magic barrier near the Mire Spawn to avoid the poison on the ground if you like. Head back out.

Go South to Lydney Village section of the map.

Lydney Village:
Halbor in the Inn will give you the Talk to the Addanc quest.
Head West to Lydney Park

Lydney Park:
There’s a Druid just slightly into Grove of Dark Rites who gives you mana potions.

There’s a red Magical Flower on the ground in the SE corner, grab it – it is one of 3 you want.

A hut in the middle of the East side has Fenwin who gives you the Cure Duchess quest. You’ll need a few things here: persuade, a Cure Damp potion or spell, and the ability to do ritual magic. You learn Ritual Magic from the Cauldron Witch in the Lake of Ilyn Cau, and for that you’ll be needing the Jade Eye amulet from the Ghost there. Phew. On the plus side you get a spellbook for Cure Damp so that’s that taken care of at least. Only it isn’t – turns out it’s a potion recipe and a skill enhancer book. Oh well. Potion it is.

On the North Side of the Park you’ll find Elisedd who wants 20 Blackthorns. 20?! Yep.

Let’s head West slightly and straight South to Boscawen Marsh

Boscawen Marsh:
The dark bushes have Blackthorn.
The dark maidens carry those Iron Pokers to sell, and also Iron Ores.

Ninian in the North will tell you he is worried about his friend Gemle, giving you “Free Gemle” – just head East into Grove of Dark Rites and hit Gemle with your sword (I know right), and he’ll give you an Amulet. Head back to Ninian.

Go down the East side of Marsh and find Adrastus who gives you “Kill the Bogmen”
Next to him is Servius who gives you a Fire Bow and “Burn the Corpses” to do in the Springs of Morrigan later.

On the South islands you’ll find a quest Spellbook of Cripple. Cool.

As you gather the Blackthorn look out for spiky plants which say they need a potion. I just walked round them. The West side of the map has graves with the Living Bogmen nearby.

Hand in Kill the Bogmen for some plate armor and fame.

You’ll have noticed a hollow tree and a table nearby. Click the tree to meet Elvira. She says the Cup of Three Wishes is in her lake, but before she lets us in she wants us to give a piece of her heart to Tumin in the Shores of Flame. Take the quest and head North

Boscawen Wood:
Clear this area with the annoying trees. Then head back East and hand in the Blackthorns.

Lydney Park:
Handing in the Blackthorns unlocks the gate so head inside. The statue will gift you 5 diamonds.

In the SW corner are 3 bushes, one can be hacked to reveal a 2nd magical flower (red). The table on the south wall gives you mana potions. In the NE corner is a drain. Crawl in.

Rat Tunnels:
One of the bats down here drops a magical flower and there’s another one lying around. Following it all the way leads to a ladder going down.

Lair of the Spiders:
You just have to explore this space. There are hidden teleports that flick you about the maze to a lower level, but as you explore and uncover it, you can work out where you’ve been and haven’t been with the map. Just note where you got teleported and avoid walking on that bit next time. There are two ladders out of the lower maze to return to the main floor in different spaces.

Once cleared head out, go East past Lydney Village to the next zone.

Lydney Sands:
Clear the area and find a temple in the middle.

When you walk in you get caught for a sacrifice. Oh no. They overcame your badassness because they had sweet voices. Right. Anyway, it’s all forgiven as you end up chatting to Rhitta who gives you “Bring a Cup”. Yay.

You can either use the teleport to the front door, or walk your way past the hordes (4) of women who overpowered you without a fuss. Back out you go. Let’s recall back to the Boardroom once you cleared the area.

Albion/Boardroom of the Gods:
Hand in the Bring a Ring quest to Mikey. Restock/sell at the village, then take the portal in Albion to go to Fortress of Brugh.

Fortress of Brugh:
Head straight N to find the entrance path to the Fortress proper. The mobs here drop Iron Pokers which sell for a lot of money.

Fortress of Brugh (dungeon):
Just in the entrance on the right is Arf. Have 2 full mana potions and know the create food spell and you’ll complete the Teach a Spell quest right there and then.

Keep going left through 2 doors to the FOB garden. A tree is just ahead of you on the right and inside you’ll find Merlin who’ll give you the Restore Merlins Orb quest.

Keep going and meet Lord Brian who will give you the inaptly named “Find the Lost Passage” quest.

Keep going exploring, pass the kitchens and you’ll find yourself at a door that goes into a spider area. Eventually there is a dead end at the North, with a crack that has old parchment in it. Pop back to the garden area and find the stones near Merlins tree – voila! A rusted chest. Take it back to Brian for your reward.

As you keep clearing, a short way North of the main entrance is an entrance drain.

Rat Tunnels:
There’s not much in here – cracks have some goodies, and there is some iron ore. Iron ore and Gold Ore is really heavy, but you can trade in 10 at a time later for some gear, so stash them for now.

There is also a second drain further in, which takes you to a second Rat Tunnels area. Same sort of thing applies. There is a boy named Muck who does nothing right now. You’ll find an Eye of Hell quest amulet on the ground just beyond him which to be honest I have no idea what it does.

There are two more drains in this area, but both sort of lead back to the start, so exit out and leave the castle to explore the surrounding area.

Fortress of Brugh:
Hairlikemoon is in a little hut in the North of the area, you need to visit her when it’s night. There’s a pirate chest in a tuft of grass near her, generally you should always be clicking around, tapping, hitting till you’re bored to find things. The gift is a spell book of Divine Lightning – it’s pretty nice.

Now if you have the quest from Rhitta (which we do) Aeda on the North of the castle will give you the Bring Me The Cup of Strength quest. The reward for that is that he carries you to the second Lubdan Island. Bizarrely, just west of Hairlikemoon a Raven will do it for free. But let’s play nice and do it the quest way. Head West to the next section

Springs of Morrigan:
Thers’a a hut at the top with a magic shield. DISARM it. Inside you will find Morrigan who wants you to Find the Lost Baths. It’s in Shores of Flame – we’ll get to it.

There’s a puddle on the right hand side of the zone that gives experience. Clear the area and head South.

Plain of Stones:
You can’t do anything about the rings here (yet), so just clear the area. Couldn’t find anything in the spider area in the middle so just more clearing. Then head South again.

River of Addanc:
Dotted around here are Acorns. Grab at least 3. You get 2 by stepping in a puddle on the East side.

This can be a good location MARK, as it’s well positioned and we’ll be popping back here.

There’s a red bush near some wooden boards on the right hand side in the middle. Tap it to reveal Mita. She wants you to “Build a Bridge” before she’ll give you Addanc Sight – we probably don’t have the required 5 wood and iron maul yet so head East.

Kentavon Canal:
Dribble on the East side in the 2 huts will give you “Finding the Pollution” quest. Before we do it, nip North out of the zone slightly for a blacksmith who sells Iron Mauls although I’m pretty sure a mob in the Pits drops one too. I certainly had one when I finished the area anyway. Down a ways are 2 holes that take you into the long drops!

In this first area, in a pile of muck you’ll find a Cleaning Brush. You’ll find some iron ore, a chest in a wall, but basically with the Brush head back out.

Kentavon Canal:
There are 4 patches of green slime in the actual river – pretty easy to find. Hit them with the Cleaning Brush equipped and go back to Dribble.

There is also someone selling Wood towards the West of this area if you are still short. Expensive for wood, but not for you. Head back West.

River of Addanc:
Head back to Mita and build the bridge. Pop across and the Old Man will thank you with 5 Rune Gems.
Hit the bush and Mita will give you Addanc Sight and appear next to you.

Now, MARK this area if you didn’t already. It will be useful.

There are more Addancs here now. Just North is Islada who will give you some arrows. More importantly the hut in the NW is now open and Natter-Chatter gives you the quest Swap Books. Now head West

A magician in the town will give you one of Merlins Orbs if you have enough Env Magic.
Head South.

Boscawen Village:
Alright, before we do anything else we are going to try and do one of the quests that can bug out and mess up the game. We are going to the Pit of Bureaucracy in the SW corner of the village. Go there but before you go in, save and Mark your location.

Enter and talk to Jobsworth Horn, you’re going to the Pit.

Pit of Bureaucracy:
Move North through the gate and talk to TwoJobs to get the Reanimator quest. You are teleported but just kill everything and go East through the gate to where you were, then East again.

Say I believe you to everyone but Calcinius. Kill all the Undead through the gates, come back and tell Calcinius you don’t believe him. Now go back and hand in to TwoJobs. The bug is that sometimes he won’t take the hand in, even if you are sure you’ve done everything. In this walkthrough order – it worked for me. I hope it does for you.

If you talk to TwoJobs again he will attack you, which I quite liked as I wanted to kill him.

Go North and North again through the gate. Talk to Bones and play his game – the middle one gets you a Red Key. Ignore Cunning.

Head back South and use the Red Key on the locked Gate on the East wall. Kill all the mobs and talk to Chief Bureaucrat to swap books (high Persuade). Take out the mobs behind the other gates.

Head back a ways and talk to Dense for the quest Handle the Appeals. Head back to the Burial Chamber and one of the coffins has the letter about violations ranks. I’ve always read it, don’t know if it makes a difference. Talk to each prisoner to handle their appeal – I think persuade or something affects what happens – I always get them released. Hand in for a fame increase.

Now you can either use the cheat to get out, look it up on Catacombs site, or the intended way which is to pay a fortune to TwoJobs near the entrance. Up to you.

OK we are back upstairs, this time go left to the gate (if you had to get back in to the pit for any reason bother Jobsworth a couple of times).

Lost and Found:
OK so this is just kinda annoying. There is a map available on Catacombs site if you want – I didn’t need it I just explored systematically. Just trial and error your way around keeping track of where you are until you use a switch to open up Merlins alcove. When you get the book, recall to Boardroom of the Gods.

Boardroom of the Gods:
Handing in time, you should have a few. Mire Spawn if you haven’t done it yet, Dream of the Other World, and Merlins Magic Spells. Stash Iron Ores and Gold. Head out.

Albion/Castle Loegria:
Pop into the Castle and upstairs to hand in Create a Maiden. On that floor go through and take the portal to the Conservers of Time.

Conservers of Time:
Clear the room, leave the boat. One of the pillars is red – search it for Habrens key and unlock the way South. It ends up at the wheel of time, but you can’t do anything.

Head back and go North to find the God of the Future. He will give you a quest to find 10 Seeds of Time. Take the boat.

Land of the Ever-Living:
Throw a Mark down here can be a good idea as it’s a pain to get you and also offers a shortcut to Castle Loegria via the statue. Head through the West door in the main room to find Regina, a well, and several stones. Pick up the great rocks, cast Strong Feather, and talk to Regina who should give you the Fill the Well quest. Step to the well and tap it, then hand the quest in! You get the Third Eye amulet.

Go through the gate next to her for some potions then head back to the main room. Ignore the statue guards for now. Instead south and tap the normal statue to go back.

Castle Loegria/Albion:
Head downstairs and out to Albion then West to clear that sector.

River Lub:
Goil hints at the Golden chests (at least one is in a bush south of the temple). A statue in the North exchanges a Mistletoe for a crystal rod weapon. Go in the temple.

Temple of Nodens:
The statue gives you Nodens Tears (yay). The magic barrier disappears with one of your Rune Gems (rhymes with spoon). The mirror is the start of the Sunken Mirrors, but for now MARK and take the teleporter instead. Save your game – this is another buggy quest.

Cave of the Dana:
A secret door on the right leads to an area with some mobs, another eye of hell quest thing (?) and more stuff. May as well clear it.
The Lady of the Dana will give you a potion.
Vendan gives you Light the Lights (the buggy quest). Immediately RECALL to Albion (via Boardroom and go find that purple boat. Click on it to get the light and 2 Mirelings appear nearby. Lure them over and swat them, then RECALL back to Caves of Dana to wander under at least 4 of the lights in the room with Vendan and then hand in, and cross your fingers. Hopefully you get the Cup of the Dana and the Sword of the Dana (neither of which we probably need). Phew.

Lydney Village:
Head out either via Albion or back out the Temple, and travel South twice to Lydney Village. Go see Haldor the Innkeeper to turn in Addanc Sight. Now go North once, and West twice.

River of the Addancs:
Go to the hut with Natter-Chatter and turn in Swap the Book. Go West to Avalonia and then South again to do Village of Boscawen properly this time.

Village of Boscawen:
Go in the rear door of the Inn to meet Abscan the Harper. He wants you to Find Lost Music. What a pain this one is. There are 5 music sheets in this area that we need to find. The first is in a bush along the very top row, around the middle. If you look at your map it’s directly South from the Inn Door you can see in Avalonia.

Go to the front door of the Inn and talk to Beerslogger. He tells you that he used some sheets to wrap meat – Mother Grinner, Mistress Fogg, and an itinerant tailor. Magista is a witch in a nearby hut – she will give you a piece of Merlins Orb if your attack magic is good enough.

Mistress Fogg is the long house just North from where we did the Pit and Lost and Found. She’ll give you a free Mutton Stew and if you ask her about parchment she gives you the sheet (there may be Persuade checks, I don’t know).

Mother Grinner is over the East side and she threw her sheet out with the trash, so go to the back of the house and search the container there. Go directly South from her front door and you’ll get to another bush with another sheet. That’s 4. Go to the section South of here.

Bay of the Fisherfolk:
Sybelle who stands outside a house will sell Rune Gems for 100g.
Lots of these people talk about fishing, and there’s a sign to see how many fish you’ve caught and a person who says they’ll buy them. No idea, there’s no quests except a sort of related one we’ll do shortly to get a fishing sword (yes really). One person says fish come up in the rain. Hmm.

Anyway, there’s a goblin standing outside here too, ask him about the parchment (he is our tailor) and he’ll sell it to you for 75g. He’ll then disappear and set up shop in Boscawen Village. Head to clear the section West of here.

Shores of Flame:
Careful as there is a green rock on the west side that teleports you to Albion.

Clear the area and go round the South side of the building. Tap the middle bush and it clears. Go in.

Baths of Sinua:
Do a standard clear. There is a hidden switch in the NE area that opens the door in the forcefield room. Then when you follow on you end up in a room that has a secret wall (far NW room) behind which is a Bath Attendant. I can’t recall anything else that mattered in this area, but somewhere I picked up a Praetorian letter so get that, and there was a permanent potion on an alcove. Clear the dungeon and pop back out again.

Shores of Flame:
On the West side you’ll find Tumin – the highly attractive object of affection for Elvira. Do a locket swap and he’ll open up the Ruby Mines for you which are just slightly north and west of him. Go in there.

Ruby Mines:
Two of the cracks have rubies. Hit them with a weapon. Tap the red mists to pass them with a Rune Gem. Erm, that’s it. Back out we go and if you have a clear area let’s head East and then North to Boscawen Village again.

Boscawen Village:
Hand in the music quest to Abscan. You get a harp. How wonderful. Head east one section and south one section to get back to Elvira.

Boscawen Marsh:
Click the tree and Elvira will open up the Lake Passage so we can search for the Cup of Three Wishes parts, though we still don’t have the Ritual Magic ability yet.

Elviras Lake:
Funny area this, lots of health drains and paths you can’t go down, so you sort of end up trialling paths around. If you have potions, or drain health when attack mobs, or a wand of restore it’s fine. Use the old rules like always follow the wall on your right and you’ll explore everywhere.

There’s a switch on the wall near the ladder.
Step forward, take care of the Kelpie, then walk/swim towards the second Kelpie who is attacking you. As you stand on the pool there, you get a piece of cup. Following the wall on your right you double back and find a secret wall.

There’s an alcove are that has a secret switch on one side.

Another cup piece is found in a lonely looking young tree near a crack on the wall that zaps you in the North of the area.

Another switch is behind a rush bush on the N wall in the eastern section. That opens a passage right near you with a Kelpie who drops the last piece.

Head back out and go East.

Grove of Dark Rites:
We just popped into this area before to save Gemle (actually we also popped in to see the Druid much earlier too), so do a full clear now.

The statue in the South does experience restore.

OK so we have the shaman behind the stones. You need to tap each stone and have enough rune gems to clear them all (kill the shamn while doing it) and then the teleporter becomes active. This can be a bit buggy too, but I’ve found if you walk away and come back, it will teleport you.

Lake Cavan:
We are inside another ring of stones in Lake Cavan, with 2 teleporters this time. The one to the East takes you back to the Grove, so take the one to the South.

Plain of Stones:
Now we’re in the ring in the Plain of Stones. The Druid Priest here will give you the quest Spellbook of Cripple. Thank you very much. Teleport again and you are in the Grove of Dark Rites again. Go North 3 sections.

Clear it systematically if you like Alchemy as there’s lots to pick up. A statue in the middle of the hay gives you a bunch of food but importantly 10 Bannock Buns. Pop quickly into Fortress of Brugh to the North but immediately west again for another quest hand in. Catacomber lists a quest here for Silf the faerie. Never found it.

Springs of Morrigan:
Hand in the Baths quest to Morrigan who then heads off. Now go find the red pool in the middle of this area and get sucked down….

What you are looking for here is 4 skeletons. Be armed with the Bow of Flaming Rest that Servius gave you and shoot all 4.
It’s a straightforward area. Some wall cracks have potions and chests. When you’ve done all 4 skeletons climb back out.

Springs of Morrigan:
Now ideally it’s night time. If it’s not, camp or just collect things until it is. Now walk around the NE section of the map, go near the ponds and the Night Witch should appear. You’ll swap the Flower Aeda gave you for the Cup of Great Strength. Huzzah! Go East.

Fortress of Brugh:
Go find Aeda on the North side of the castle to hand in Cup of Great Strength. Talk to him again and he’ll carry you to the Island of Lubda that you haven’t been on.

Islands of Lubdan:
Erlina will trick you, but if you want the right answer it’s Key. Merlin is in the hut to the East who tells you to investigate the fountain. Tap it for a Magical Drinking Cup.

Aeda can take you back, the Raven can take you (why did we do the Aeda quest again?) or there’s one of those green stones that takes you to Albion. From there, head South a couple to get back to Rhitta

Lydney Sands:
Go back inside the temple and hand the quest in to Rhitta. She takes the cup and gives you her key. Go through the Gate and hit the mist.

Here you have to complete the bits beyond each portal – Birth, Baptism and Death. Go through the first portal on the left, kill the Birth Pangs and walk through to get back. Now take Baptism portal, kill the two ghouls and tap the fountain.

The last portal is death – take the potions in the alcoves and answer No to the skeletons riddle to open the door. Kill the Reapers, get the potions and walk up to the face.

Before we reach the end door there is another door on our left but I couldn’t open it. Go through the end door, grab the Knotted Rope and keep going till you get to Banshee. There is an Iron Ore on the floor too.

Banshee will say you aren’t ready (to die) and send you back to the Temple. Go out and head recall to Albion. From there head west until Springs of Morrigan, then North.

Cliffs of Ilyn Cau:
Clear as usual. The statue gives experience. The area of interest is in the top left, Albions domain. But before we go there, head West.

Ironworkers Guild:
Clear the area, one of the outside mobs drops a Forge Key.
Go into Grandmaster Urstus and get the Restore the Hammers quest.

Ariane in the magic shop will give you presents if you mention Moth.

Ask the Blacksmith Credne about Divine Lightning and he says Taran stole it. If you don’t have one, grab a Crednes repair hammer.

Use your key to go in the Forge and speak to Horde. He wants a Fireproof Chest, and we have one, so the forges get lit. Basically you can now bring those iron ores and gold nuggets here in tens and get equipment. If you want. MARK it.

Head back to the Cliffs to East and go in the cave this time.

Albions Realm:
This is pretty linear. Head to Idris who gives you Recover Memories. After that take the East exploration path to discover Gamogs key. Then go through the new tunnel.

Just before the locked door is a secret door on the right, and that area can be cleared and also has some other knock down walls in it. Now go back an unlock Gamogs door. He gives you the quest Persuade Dripina.

Through the doors to the left of where you came in, there are more hidden walls and in there are Giants Keys. There are also 10 Iron Ores which will probably break your weight limit with all the clubs and things too. Cast Great Feather and carry on for now.

Go back through the hole, and up to that door with all the traps. You can unlock it now. Hello Albion – there’s a book next to him about Giants. He gives you Explore the Lake. You can ask him about the hammers and he says one is hidden here. If you look at your explored map there is a crack on the North wall with a little red dash for a container. Go there, hit the wall and you have the first hammer.

Head back towards Albion. This is a good place to MARK as we’ll be flitting between here and River of Addancs (and BOG) a bit. So do so, then recall to BOG, drop off the ore and sell heavy loot, then recall back and make your way out of the caves. Aim East go to the next area.

Lake of Ilyn Cau:
The Cauldron Witch in her hut will give you Free the Witch quest. Go into the Caves on the right hand side.

Caves of Ilyn Cau:
Merlins note here says only spells hurt Living Bog Men. But pretty sure drain health does too, so we’re good. If not, use Cripple, Divine Lightning, whatever. The key to the room with the Witch is behind a really obvious secret wall right near her. She’ll give you a helm.

In the middle behind a secret wall is the Ghost of the Lake. She will give you the Jade Amulet. It’s not questy, don’t sell it! Leave and now go down the hole and ladder near the Cauldron Witch.

Under the Lake:
This is odd, it’s another health loss one with blocked passages you can see through so you sort of zig zag around. Straightforward enough.

There is a crack on the East wall with the Chalice in it. Along from that stands a solitary tree, but you can hit the wall behind it, and then kill the mob for Albions Club. Head back out.

Lake of Ilyn Cau:
Back to the Cauldron Witch and she is chuffed. She says come back in a minute. So talk to her again and not only do you get Ritual Magic ability, you get another Witchs Staff. All righty then. Recall or wander west back to Albion the Giant who is a happy bunny. A bunny with green skin, a horn, one eye, and twelve feet tall that is. OK, so you remember we MARKed River of the Addancs because it might be useful? Oh yes. Let’s go.

River of Addancs:
Speak to Mita about memories and she gives them to you. Walk in the teleport and speak to Dripina. She is willing to do a potion but gives you Blow Up the Dam first.

If only we MARK’d in ALbions Realm. Oh, we did. Recall!

Albions Realm:
Hand in memories to Idris. She then gives you Cook Golden Acorns. We have acorns so luzz em in the pot and hand in the quest.

Now back to Gamog who says he will send GapTooth. RECALL bank to River.

River of Addancs:
Gaptooth is north of Dripina and wont do it because he’s hungry so we get Bring Bannock Buns quest. But we should have them, so turn it straight in.

Turn around and talk to Dripina to turn the quest in, you get a bow and the potion. RECALL to Gamog!

Albions Realm:
Turn in the quest to Gamog. OK time to turn some quests in and move the game on. RECALL once more.

Boardroom of the Gods:
Turn in Persuade the Giant to Darkstare. Out to Albion and then make your way into the Temple of Nodens (west from Albion) and we are going to do the mirror!

Sunken Mirror:
Here’s the path – North, South, South, North, North, South, North.

Nodens Cave:
Head right first of all and get the Cave Key. Explore but a door stops you. Go back and open the secret wall to the west of entrance. Explore here now. Cave Key will open the gate. Clear it.

Another cave key is just to the side across the bridge. Keep going, you can see Nodens behind another gate but we don’t have the right key. Clear away.

Head back down and round to the east and the key unlocks the door we couldn’t do earlier. Go clear. These giants drop Great Ruby Gems. We’ll need them later so hang on to them.

Shoot the switch, and then walk south to find another switch over another pit to the east. Shoot it.

You can now walk over to the west side from the bottom of the map. Clear that area and find another switch to shoot. When you do a statue is there and poses a question to which the answer is Yes. For that, we get a Cave Key.

Go back to the North door which now unlocks and at last we are at Nodens. A simple Burning Hand defeats the barrier and tapping him restores his sanity. So amazing is he, that he says Wait a Minute. Talk to him again and he behests you the Hammer of Witches.

I feel good. Do you feel good? I feel good. Let’s go.

Boardroom of the Gods:
Hand in Traverse the Maze to Russian. Then hand in Free and Restore Nodens to Moth. Make your way South a couple of zones.

Island of Jagged Rocks:
Bit of a pain to clear because of rocks and bushes – some you can chop through like the bush near the boat. Find the Dwarf Soldier who has lost a golden goblet, 3 rune gems, boot polish and a pouch of gold. Sigh. Take the Recover Goods quest.

Straight north of him is a yellow bush with a rock behind it. Tap it for the golden goblet. Head west from here to another golden bush. Tap it for a rune gem. Go east a ways and there is a bush (normal) just to your north that has the polish, then east again and tap the coffin to wake up the dead pirate. Kill him for a load of stuff and a sack of gold. Tab the bush next to the coffin for a Golden Chest. There’s a circle of rocks in the SW area that you can get instead. Stand on a tuft of grass in there for a rune gem. There is a repair hammer on the floor if it helps.

I think that’s it. Just – wow. Breathe, calm, let’s move on. OK we have a blood axe! That will be useful. Don’t sell it. Head West

Bay of Bald Rocks:
Clear as usual.
Drest is in a cabin and will give you the Open the Cave quest.
North of him is a 2 door house. On the let Gorig is scared of the Slender Man. His mother in the other door will give you Persuade Gorig to sort out his fears. Treva is just north of here, the mushroom house in the bottom left. Ask Treva about Recipe and you’ll get a Quell Fear book. You can also buy a potion from her. Do so and head back to Gorig.

Talk about Slender Man again and he’ll quaff the potion. Go next door to Arduine to complete the quest.

Go to the cave entrance and it will be blocked by large rocks. Arm the Blood Axe (eh?) and you’ll smash through them. In you go.

Simple right-wall tactics clear this area well. Through the second gate you come to a pirate who will drop pirate keys. Near the boat when you get to it, is a hidden switch – there’s more too so look for them. Near the entrance once you’re looping round is a statue – pay it gold to open up more passageways to the south. Through there another statue wants more gold for a hidden gift.

Just work your way through, there’s a few puzzles on the way. The pirate king wants you to pick up a rock, but only after he’s thrown you in a pit first. One of the final holes on the left takes you to the entryway to Habrens area. The mobs here are tougher, there’s a hidden switch in the top right. Use the Hammer of Witches to clear the rocks and MARK at Habrens coffin. Then work your way back out and head West.

Bay of Bald Rocks:
Hand in the cave quest to Drest.

Ironworkers Guild:
Go back to the Forge, via Boardroom where you can probably gather 20 iron ores - you can also pop out to Albion and unlock all those pirate chests. Forge 2 iron items, though you’ll probably just sell the results, and head outside again.

The remaining things are kind of spread around the map a bit now, but we have RECALL points in quite a few places and you should be familiar with the map too - so just make your way however you like to the next areas on our list.

Boscawen Marsh:
Hand in the Fir Bolgs quest to Servius for a stat update. Go up to the table next to Elvira and forge the Cup of 3 Wishes. Travel up level with Plain of Stones and go West.

Lake Cavan:
If you have Cats Rocks from Thors Hammer, you can trade it (twice oddly) got Cats Play Toy – a heavy hitting weapon. Catacomber is in the NE of the area with Bhiffy just outside. On the West of the lake you can talk to Selppin to get a quest to Kill the Kelpie.

The Kelpie appears at night in the NW of the zone. Just keep walking near that little mini-island with the tree and just south of it. Head back to get your fishing sword – no I couldn’t fish with it. Go to the section west.

Village of Aeda:
Gwael in the middle are wants you to take blood from the Hag of Hell and get it blessed. This is odd as you commit a crime, but it feels a good thing to do. If you want to do it, pop to the hut north, talk twice to steal the blood. Get back to Land of the Living (long way is Albion, Castle Loegria, 1st Floor, portal, take the boat). In the room with all the statues, you can DISARM (go from the side so you only do one) and talk to the Druid, who will bless the blood. RECALL back to Aeda, hand it in. Seems like a nice thing to do? You can also take in Freymore or something to clear your crime – it’s easier to do there.

When you are done head South.

Old Shamans Garden:
There are 3 statues here, and some trees that move around. Talk to each of the statues. Two want you to talk to the trees, and one wants a Green Beer and a book of Magic tricks. Keep walking toward the trees and they move. Do it a few times and talk to the statue on the North wall who gives you an invisible cloak. Approach the trees wearing it and they say hi. Then see the middle and North statues for a well done and some knotted rope.

Now head out and go around South.

Fortress of Glass:
Clear the area but don’t go in the Fortress or unlock it. A pool gives experience in the south area. There is an Itinerant Wizard. He will zap and teleport you if you talk to him, but go back to him and he gives you a book of magic tricks. Head back North.

Old Shamans Garden:
Hand in the Relieve Boredom quest to the statue on the East wall for exp and a Druids Robe (meh). Go North twice.

Dummonia Village:
A magician in the SE of the village will give you the final orb piece.
Drew suggests a woman can’t rule. There is so much casual sexism across these that I can’t bring myself to even try agreeing and see if it’s a quest, so I always disagree and he tells me to buzz off.
Cainte a bit further on gives you Kill the Pirates quest.
Go North

Cliffs of Balor:
Clear the area and go in the temple in the NorthEast to get Coventias tears.
You’ll see a bunch of Rainbow fungus things. This is the fairy ring. Stand on the right one gives a bing, the wrong one resets with a random message. The order is S, SE, NW, NE, N, SW. That releases a rope around the corner.

Take the rope up.
Move East one and take the knotted rope. Turn around and you’ll see another dangling rope, take it. There’s another knotted rope South, then go back North and take the rope up again. Turn around for some doors.

Fortress of Balor:
Head up and find 3 switches. It’s an order thing with Bings again. Order is left, right, middle to clear the way to a key on the floor. Let’s do a right wall clear. First you come to a teleporter – it takes you outside again so don’t take it.
Next is a gap, with a switch across. Shoot to disarm a trap.
The next is similar, but you shoot a statue.
Walk across the spikes using the left hand side.
Iron ore on your left and use your key on the gate.

The Cup of 3 Wishes will dispatch the final wall. Click on Conventina to cure her, and click again to get your rewards.

Head out however you like. We’re going South and East.

Dummonia Mines:
Clear the area as usual but hit the cracks (sometimes more than once) for little losses of health and things but more importantly Seeds of Time. I usual end up with 11.

So the pirates in here can only be killed with the Druidic Wand, that we own.

A sign saying leaps of faith gives you a clue that we’ll be looking for invisible floors. If you see rocks you can BURNING HAND them. There’s one to the left a short way in.
You can clear this first section until you hit a statue in the far SW to turn on a pentagram. If you’ve cleared everything, step on through to another area.

Same again, only it’s a small area, then go through the whole for one last bit. Done. Head out and go back West. Or just Town Portal when you’re done.

Dummonia Village:
Cainte had the Kill the Pirates quest – the dialogue seems odd as it is ‘Fishing’, but that’s the one. Let’s clear some loose ends.

Boardroom of the Gods:
Hand in Circle the Mound to Michele_L, and Free/Restore Coventina to Marshall. Go out.

Tap the tree in the SW area to rejuvenate it and pop into Welda’s next to it for some armor and stew. Go take the North Teleport over the East side.

Fortress of Brugh:
Head inside and head west to the garden. Find the tree slightly west and north of the entrance and hand in Merlins Orbs. He then tasks you with repairing a wand which happens automatically if your repair is high enough, and you get his staff as a reward.

Lydney Village:
The leftmost house has the Duchess. Talk to here and you use Ritual Magic to send her back to her own time. Go West.

Lydney Park:
Just as you enter this area is the little hit occupied by Fenwin. Turn in the Cure the Duchess quest.

Conservers of Time:
We’re running out of quests! Back to Albion and in Loegria. Seeds of Time says God of the Future is in the Otherworld – but he isn’t. On the first floor in Loegria go through the portal on the west side to COT. Make your way to the North to find him. You get a few choices, but we don’t need gold, you should be fine on armor. So pick surprise.

The surprise is unlocking part of the Wizards Lair, which we haven’t visited yet.

Wizards Lair:
Head forward then east to uncover all the path. Don’t go in the portal, instead go in the door to your West.

Inside there is a surprisingly easy to miss recess to the East with a key that unlocks the red door. Phredd and Mrs Phredd are in the first room area, but we have everything we need. I prefer not to talk to them if I don’t need them, so leave it. At the end of the path is Merlins Sphere.

Head out and wrap all around to the west this time and go in that door.

Loot the alcoves and DISARM the barrier.

Don’t remember too much here, but just trial and error does the job. You can come at the switch from the East side to be able to approach it and BING it. Tarnathan whatever drops Rain of Nails spellbook.

Fortress of Ilyn Cau:
Kinda forgot about this area. Head there now and clear. Go inside and Morg on your east wants a Medusas Eye cure. Give him your potion and talk again for a reward.

The statue wants a Great Ruby. No problem.
Bricius wants to play a game – just keep playing till you Win at Dice. Normally takes me 3 turns at Heads.
Agratius will give you the key with your letter. If you say Yes to him, he asks you to see the Silver Staff lady in Land of the Ever-Living. Put a mark and recall there (we marked that Land). Get the shield, RECALL back and hand in to Agratius. Now go in.
Mael gives you the Surprise the Banshee quest.

Head out, wait for nightfall, then search around (east of castle at back) until the Banshee appears. Talk to him and then talk to the real person. Pay him 50g. Go back in and hand in.

Alright, let’s deal with the main quest at last shall we?

Fortress of Glass:
You can unlock the door with the key we got AGES ago. Climb up the stairs.
Lady Albine here does give you a quest, but you lose fame, so I leave it.

Through the trapped door the Storm Demons drop a Coffin Key and luckily enough there is a coffin just up ahead which donates the Slender Shield that we need.

Take the portal and clear to find a statue with the Stone Key, and head back and open the door.

OK in this next section we need to find 5 switches. It’s pretty straightforward but fun. The first is prompted for you on a candle to the left just ahead. Hit it. Straight after you can hit the column to reveal a tapestry that you can also hit. 2 down. Just explore, be thorough, hit everything. A coffin has another switch. Keep going and you’ll find a mirror and a pressure plate behind a hidden wall. You can also pull a rope hanging down for one of Crednes repair hammers.

There is a row of coffins, tap some (not hit) to spawn a zombie who drops skeleton keys, then use it on other locked coffins for Slender Legs and Slender Helm.

This all opens up a gold door, and the frost demon in there drops the Unholy Key. Onwards and a coffin skeleton will open the path to the coffin for 500g (if you barter). The coffin has Slender Armor. This area can be worth MARKing in case we get lost, have to go to Albion, etc.

The West door has a broken teleporter – you need 25 repair and crednes hammer. Walk on, off, and it’s active. It goes to the other side and the Ice Key.

Back to the coffin and this time go East.

If you right wall explore, you find a coffin with a Slender Sword, JT who trains repair and door that only Slender can get through. Equip your Slender Armor, Sword, Legs, Helm, and Shield and open up the door that you get to. Kill the Slender Man, loot the alcove and take the North door way back at that coffin. There are stairs going up. And so are you.

This is now all straightforward again (and this fortress a really nice set of areas imho). You clear, kill something, get a key, open the next door. You’ll tick off Tarans henchmen before coming to a lightning room. You’ll have picked up at least some Shock armor but I was still getting zapped, so just use some of the full heal potions you’ve been picking up.

Keep clearing, be thorough. Don’t worry about being warped, the areas all need clearing and you can keep track thanks to your map. Always go back after killing a henchman as you want the loot – a new teleport is often created to make this easier but you can just walk if you want.

There is an ice witch that you can cure with the Watery Chest you find behind hidden wall just before her.

Soon an Oily Spider appears when you open one door which drops an important oil, because shortly afterwards you get to a weird area with 2 alcoves that keeps teleporting you. It’s fine – from bottom left go 3 paces East, 3 paces North and you tele to the first alcove. Go 3 East and North again and you are through.

Along the top wall touch a candle to the West and you’ll use the Oily Spider oil and your candle to make a super candle. Touch the pink block and boom. Go through, boom the other walls if you like. Another upstairs will have been opened.

You’ll get to a boy Alfie who will open the 3 chests you’ve been finding – first he wants a lockpick. Go back the area with a dry fountain and you’ll get it. Then he wants a diamond cutter, which we have, and finally he wants it repaired, which we can do. Now we can get through to where Queen Guen is (you don’t need to equip). Merlin is up for a chat nearby and offers a Disguise (no need to equip again).

Here hit the off color wall next to Queen and explore downstairs thoroughly – including for the Kings remains. Go into the Queens chamber and get the Hammer of Disorder, and Queens Ring, and the sword Divine Lightning. Open the door to Taran and kill them all.

Talk to the Queen and she’ll poison herself off to Otherworld. Go into Tarans area and deny the Prince to kill him too. Tidy. I really enjoyed this whole area.

Go to Lydney Sands and in Rhittas temple, through the door and touch the smoke to Otherworld. Head straight and you find Queen Guen at deaths door. Talk to her for the chance to kill her. Again.

Boardroom of the Gods:
Hand in Steal Queens Ring to Ronak, Kill Taran to Wizardz. Sell, enchant, store, etc.

Ironworkers Guild:
Go find Urstus and complete the Hammers quests. You get a Guild robe.

Castle Loegria:
Go into the tombs, teleport across the gap and go East to the coffin there. Click it to put the King at rest.
Pretty much done! Remember we MARKd at Habrens coffin, so RECALL there now.

Lydney Caves:
Click once to use the Crown of Rejuvenation.

Castle Loegrina:
In the entrance go straight to the door at the end where we now have a new Queen – a Celtic Queen if you will. She high fives you and in the most revered time honoured fashion, tickles you with a salmon fillet. At least I think she did.

We are done.


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