Mithril Horde I - Michele Laconto's Guide to How to Get to Bethlusaa's Lair and Flitzy's Warehouse

Michele's Guide to Finding Bethlusaa's Lair and Flitzgrobber's Warehouse (a.k.a. Lyndah's Quest for the Mechanical Heart) (Mithril Horde)

This guide will help you find the mechanical heart that you need to bring to Lyndah. In return she gives you the potion of Gelas Root to give you 'painful sight'. You will then be able to find the entrance to the teleport to Bethlusaa's lair. You will be able to see certain ghosts also.

When you get down into Flitzgrobber's warehouse, it suggests you save your game.

Kill the watchful eye and head to the first pentacle on the floor. If you have a ranged weapon such as a bow or daggers, you may want to get rid of the security guard across the way. You will 'hear a crumbling wall somewhere.'

Starting on the first pentacle, go 2 North, you will be transported to another pentacle. From that one, go 2 east, then 2 North and you should be in the entrance. Go forward and read the sign on the wall ahead of you. It will be a sequence of numbers with one missing. (1 is missing) 3,1,4,1,5,9,2,6,5. Get rid of all the watchful eyes and security guards. This is a good opportunity to check all the gold urns for loot and cracks in the walls for gems and such. You will notice the plaques on the walls with numbers that are switches.

When you are done getting rid of security, go back to the sign with the numbers. Facing the sign (North), the switches on the left (West) are 4,3,2,1. The closest to you is 4 and the furthest is 1. On the right (East) are 9,8,7,6,5. The 9 switch is up around to the South East. The rest of the switches are 8,7,6,5, with 8 being the closest and 5 being the furthest.

Switch all of the switches in the order that they appear on the sign. If you miss one you need to start over.When you switch number 5, the last one, it should tell you that you
have breached the second level of security.

Now for the switches. You'll have to kill more watchful eyes and
security guards. Switch all of th switches that you can find. When you are at the most North East corner where there's a crack on the floor, standing on the crack, turn and face West. Go 3 paces West, turn North and touch the wall. Go to the North and switch the switch. (if you try to go down the hall first, there's a hole in the floor) Now go back to the hall where the hole was, facing West, go 7 paces, face North and touch the wall. There's nothing there yet. Turn West again, go to the end of the hall and touch the wall. Kill the security guard and flip the switch. Go back to the place there wasn't anything and flip the switch that appeared there.

Go back to the far South East corner where the number 9 plaque was. There's a hole in the floor in the row that plaque number 7 was. You'll come back to this switch later.
When you find the sign that says, "Nervous about holes?" just switch the switch next to it, you won't fall in.

Standing on the hole, turn and face West, go 2 paces, turn south and go 3 paces then turn to face east and touch the wall to reveal a hidden switch. Go down the hall switching switches and killing watchful eyes and security guards.

Look at your map. When you are at the southern most switch, after you switch it, go west 2 paces, north 4 paces, west 3 more paces and touch the wall to reveal another hidden switch. After switching it go east 1 step go 9 paces north and touch the wall. Switch the other switch in this area too. Go back and follow the other long hall to the west that leads north, and switch the 2 switches there.

Go back to the area where the last hidden switch was follow it around and you will find yourself at plaque number 4. (don't forget to go back and switch the switch by plaque number 7!)
Go down the row of plaque number 3 all of the way to the end, passing the open vault room. Touch the wall and touch the next one to reveal a switch.

Now all is open kill the last watchful eye and get the mechanical heart out of the gold urn.

Go back to Lyndah for your Gelas
root mixture for 'painful sight'! You will be able to go to the
teleporter behind her house and get into Bethlusaa's lair and you will be able to see certain ghosts also!


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