Cursed Chess Set - Michele Laconto's Guide to the Iron Knob Mines

Clear the mines of \'Iron Soldiers\' and find \'Iron Moth\'.

When you enter the mine, head north and find the Dwarf blacksmith. He will give you the quest to clear the mines of the \'Iron Soldiers\'.

You\'ll be able to enter the door to the west with the \'Old Key\' that he gives you and the door to the east with the \'Rusty Key.

Enter the door to the east- You\'ll find switches with groups of torches and a green magical barrier blocking your way. The key is the unlit torches. The group with one unlit torch is the first switch, the group with two unlit is second and so on. The combination is middle, east, then west.

As you move along, you\'ll need to eliminate \'Radioactive Dwarves\', \'Iron Soldiers\' and \'Rat Skulkers\'. You\'ll become trapped between two magic barriers. You just need to eliminate the \'Rat Skulker\' to open them. As you follow the tunnel to the north then west, you\'ll arrive at a \'T\' shaped area. Head south and you\'ll see a crack on the wall to the west. This will open when you step on the pressure plate to the north of The \'T\' shaped area. You\'ll see a crack on the wall in this area also - we\'ll come back to this later. The wall to the southwest will now be open. There are three switches and shelves with gems on them. The key to the switches is the amount of gems on each hints which order to switch them. West-South-North. The area north of the switch plate will now be open. The room to the northeast has some iron ore and gold.

Head back towards the entrance of the mine. Now back to enter the door to the west. Follow the passage to the area with three switches.

You should\'ve found the \'Old Miner\'s Diary\' on the way. The hint to the switches is inside. Flip the switches in this order: N-N-N-N (north 4 times), S-S-S (south 3 times).

Follow this long passage around to the north then east. You\'ll see a crack on the wall to the south when you get to the middle section of the passage- we will open this area later. (It will be the exit from this area). Follow the hall north and then west. (You\'ll see a door to the north on the way you\'ll be able to open this when you have the \'Tiny Key\') When the passage heads north, after you step on the spike trap in the floor, turn to the east and tap the crack on the wall. You\'ll need to tap two times towards east, two times south and once to the east to open a room. You\'ll find an item of \'Tiny Key\'. This will open the door to Iron Moth.

Iron Moth\'s area-

In the first room you\'ll need to activate the switches in the correct order to light all of the torches, which will open the wall to the next area. Activate them in this order- the ones closest to the west wall and east wall. You don\'t need to activate the other two. This is where Iron Moth is found.

Head back to the passage that leads north. Take the passage that leads to the west just beyond the spike trap in the floor. Follow it around to the south. There will be a pillars blocking the way- tap them to remove them. Tap the pillars around to remove them, so you can reach the switch on the wall to the south. When you activate this switch, you\'ll open the wall that had a crack in the long passage to the south.

Exit this room, head a few paces north and enter the room to the west. You\'ll find an axe on the floor called, \'Hack\'.
Exit this room and follow the passage back to the east, then north. At the end of this passage, you\'ll see a wall with cracks to the west. Use the axe \'Hack\' on this wall to open it.

Go back south to the long passage for the exit. There will be a few more creatures to eliminate in this area.
The mines are clear!

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