Merlins Orb glitch?

I have in my inventory 2 orb pieces, but also 2 fully assembled Merlins orbs.

I'm not sure how I ended up with these, I've just resumed playing after a long break and can barely remember anything.

I still have the quest to give Merlin the orb, but when I speak to him he just tells me to fetch the three pieces.
The problem is I've visited the 3 shops in the FAQ and cant find any more orb pieces. I'm also aware that one orb looks like a staff, so I don't think thats the issue.

Any tips on how to scratch this quest off please?


  • The three orb pieces are with the Magician in Southeast of Dummonia Village.
    Magista who sells potions in Village of Boscawen and the Magician in Avalonia When you bring him the three Orb pieces, you need repair skill to form them into his staff. But after you do that, he doesn't want it anymore and lets you have it. Because some players got the staff, then lost it and liked it, I put a few around. That's why you probably have one or two. But the three orb pieces are definitely with those three magicians.

  • For the Magician in the southeast of Dummonia Village, to get the orb piece you nee Protection Magic skills of at least 30. Your skill levels might be the problem.

    For the Magician who sells potions in Village of Boscawen, to get the Orb Piece, you need Attack Magic of at least 30.

    For the Magician in Avalonia, you need Environment Magic of greater than 50.

  • ok thanks. My skills were all way about the requirements, and no more parts from the three magicians. Maybe I dropped an orb part somehow, not sure

    Luckily some reapers dropped the part I needed, in the Otherworld

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