Some islands

There are two islands I haven't been to yet,

Waste Land and Venets Island, ho do I get travel to these islands....


  • You can't get to Venets Island in this expansion.

  • The Spirit of War in Miller Village can send you to the Wasteland.

  • How to go to 'Good Luck' island ?
    Is it Necessary ?

  • You can walk to Good Luck Island from the north of Fort Pokygrad but there's not much there.

  • In fact you access Fort Pokygrad - the edifice - and then Good Luck Island only after certain main quest is done ; likely from Mr Tainik ?

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    Yes, that's right. Mr. Tainnik. You have to finish all his quests and Drisdane's quest.

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    Sorry, this is the last thing on my list. Where is Mr. Tainnik again?

    Edit: never mind. He’s in the villages.

  • How do you get to Treasure Lagoon?
  • You can walk there from the eastern shore of Castle of Oborot.

  • Thanks Cat.
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