Final monsters in Arena of Pain

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Nothing in my inventory or spells makes a dent in the reaper, Frost king, and despair. I’m playing the stand alone game, level 13. Please help. What do I use? Thanks in advance


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    These guys are in the Arena of Pain. You have to hit some columns in the south to destroy them. I'm going to amend your post just a little to show these are Arena of Pain guys. They're not in Brass Horn's Cave.

  • Ok thanks. I got to the arena in the brass horn’s cave I think. I appreciate your help

  • Cat, I’m in the Brass Horn Cave, up the stairs in the arena of pain. I’ve destroyed all of the columns I can, but nothing kills Reaper, Despair, or Frost King. Please help.

  • You need to destroy four blue columns in the lower part there.

  • Thanks!

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