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Which sailor provides travel to treasure lagoon please :)

Enchant a pickaxe, need two moon crystals, pointer pls

Kill brund and free the cats, im struggling to get the items from miller village, a sharp knife and something else...

Mine jade, need six pieces of jade, pointers...

Stop the violator, any ideas?


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    Violator, that one's sorted

    Someone remind me where kuzka is, found his mother and papers but forgotten where he is

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    You can walk to Treasure Lagoon from Castle of Oborot. No sailor goes there.
    Kuai sells Moon Crystals but you might need to camp out at his door. It's rare.
    You need the Bibigon Knife and Bibigon Axe to free the cats. You don't need anything special to kill Brund.
    The Jade Mine is in the upper northeast of Pogan Island. You need the axes you can get from Max in Brimstone Cape to mine the Jade.

  • Where do you find Brund?
  • He's in the Castle of Oborot.

  • Is he passed the hole in the south of the map because I can't get passed that.
  • Yes. Brund is here past the hole.

  • You have to throw something to close the hole.

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    Thanks Cat.
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