Loss of Soul permanent?

Hi Cat,

Love your work and everything you do for the game. Thanks!

I'm trying to wrap up Celtic Queen before moving on to HOL3, and I find myself faced with an existential crisis. Like most players, I want to complete every quest. But I also want to avoid permanent negative consequences. As far as I can tell, there's no way to engage and complete the bard/swan/death quests without ending up with the Loss of Soul ability.

Is there a way to reverse the ability, or otherwise complete (solve or fail) these quests without being cursed by death?

Thanks again!


  • Thank you very much. No. The Quest wasn't designed so that you could complete every quest. Sometimes, as in real life, you have to make choices and live with the results.

  • It gets over after solving Vivian's quest on enclave 2nd floor and talking to her again 🐈
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