Thank cat for another fun filled 2 weeks playing Hol2, wow, forgotten how long it was, how involved, back and forth back and forth :smiley: Thoroughly enjoyed it, now, where is hol3!!!!!!


  • Forgot to add, where is the home sweet home dungeon, can't seem to find it, the FAQ does say very difficult to get to ;-)

  • Also, elder pirate lich, in pirate hold (boat) ERM...anything supposed to happen there?

  • Congratulations! HOLIII is done. Redshift wants to wait until the end of June to release it.

    You get to the Home Sweet Home dungeon from the leftmost door in Order of the Sword. Servius is on the rightmost door there.

    Elder Lich the Pirate is just a scary old soul. Nothing going on there.

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