Two treasure chests

Hi Cat
I dont know how to solve this quest . I forgot what Edwin - or Edmond ? - says about getting these chests . I went over a pirates boat for another quest but no way to get these chests ; maybe another boat ?
Anyway thanks to you and your team for maintaining these games alive !


  • Is this the Classic version or the HD version? The quest is:
    'For Brian Clenchfist, lord of Castle Caradoc, bring him two chests of Formorian pirate treasure. Talk to Edwin his bailiff to find out the location of the pirates and how to track down their treasure.'

    Edmond the Bailiff gives you a map and says, 'Rumor has it there's treasure buried on the Isle of Bones. My cousin gave me this map and I have tried my best to find treasure, but no luck. Perhaps you'd do better. I'm not a rich man. I'll trade you the map for 5000 gold.'

    The Isle of Bones is in the northeast. If you have the map and walk around in the southeast of the Isle of Bones--le voila. : )

    Always good to see you here.

  • HD version ! I did have the map in my inventory !
    Expecting the next expansion. Thanks !

  • Should be released the end of June. Already done. Thanks.

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