permission blue fairy ring

I already explore blue fairy ayrie and killed the fairy, how can i get permission?


  • How can i open this area?
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    The Blue Fairy is in that area and to talk to her about Permission, you need the quest to Gather Flowers: For the Wise Woman of Foggy Islands, gather 10 each of Red Madder, Yellow Weld and Blue Woad flowers. You also need Outfit points greater than 25 and Persuade of at least 30.

    It looks like you've already been there. When you climb up the ladder to the Blue Fairy's Domain, if you have the Fairy Wings cape, you can reach that area. It's on the shelf in the room of the Fairy Queen. I think you killed her.

  • I think i lost fairy wings cape, is that other way to get it? Or phredd does have it?
  • I played my oldest save and i have my fairy wing and see blue fairy, my question, if it is main item how it could be soldable item? I didnt realize if i sold the item before getting gather flower quest, Hiksss...
  • I read your review on redshift web, where i can find needlenose tailor on map?
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    It's sellable but there's no harm because you can buy it. : )

    I do that with a lot of items because people are often losing things. This way if the item is sellable, they can get it again. It means Elendil doesn't have to do so many updates to give an item to Phredd to sell because someone lost the item.

    Needlenose the Tailor is in Humbria Castle. You might have to camp out to get it. Or sleep in an inn a few days. Just mark at Needlenose and sleep until it appears in his inventory.

  • Great, just one more expansion on android to play, is that ok if i played celtic queen as new character for variation?
  • There's no problem as long as you can handle the monsters. : ) Congratulations on getting that far. There is some gear at the beginning that might help you.

  • How do I get the gather flowers quest? The old woman in foggy island doesnt give me it, and the Blue Fairy gives no options either

    persuade 40, outfit 85

  • She won't give you that quest unless you have the quest from Lady Aldmage to Bring dyes--For Lady Aldmage, Aldmage's Keep, bring her a chest of dyes from the Wise Woman of Foggy Island.

  • Thanks!

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