Chest of Ice

Well now I´ve for safety sake got back to a official Quest List and saw some quests I haven´t got so far. Chest of Ice. Smoke Dragon in Fire Cave only says that treasure belongs to him and Jamie on Holy Island keeps silence. Who suppose to give me this quest please?


  • Cheest of Ice: For the Smoke Dragon in Cave of the Fire Giants, fetch him a chest of ice. You'll need to find Jamie in the Hall of Water Magic, Merlin's Keep, Holy Island.

    You get that quest from him only if you have Pedsipec's quest, Replace a Candle:

    For Pedsipec, Hall of Fire Magic, Merlin's Keep, Holy Island, replace Kamber's candle on the shelf in the hall with Habren's candle. You'll have to persuade the Smoke Dragon in Cave of the Fire Giants to help you.

    Are you sure you didn't do this already?

  • Oooook, now I got it, many thanks Cat...I forgot about Candle previously, did not noticed that this quest was missing as well..

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