Items left at the end

Hi Cat, here is my usual list with items collected while playing the expansion about whose relevance I'm not entirely sure about (as in: are they for quests I haven't opened? should I keep them in the inventory? drop them?)

  • Aquatic spider eggs x2
  • Bag of magic feathers
  • Dead fly x2
  • Fine pointed forceps
  • Glue x2
  • Hope bubble x2
  • Magic feather
  • Strange chest
  • Water bubble
  • White candle x2
  • White feather x2


  • If you've completed all the quests, I'd say you could safely drop all but the Magic feather. Almeidea in the Dark Fortress, Black Bay will give you 50000 gold if you have a Magic feather. Why don't you just stash these somewhere unless you're sure you've been over every surface map.

  • Somehow I had missed the salmon's quest and the second sea giant related one. Thanks!

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