Room inside Reef underwater

Please help how to open the room in south reef near mcmanaman


  • The key to the door is on a blue candle near the door.

  • Does this key respawn. I can't find it in my storage and the only other thing I can think of is that I dropped it.
    I tried tapping the candle near the door but it does not respond.
    I have multiple storage areas I prep for equipment by type and others I use by planning and noting quests with the map notes available.
    All my storage areas are saved by recall.
    Thanks again.
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    It doesn't respawn. It can't be sold so you must have dropped or stashed it somewhere. It's called Coral Key. If you stash keys, maybe have one place specifically for keys.

  • One more question if you don't mind. If it can't be sold and I dropped it; will it disappear from where it was left?
    Either way, thanks again Cat. I super appreciate your efforts.
  • Ruby Coral quest. I hadn't found this quest yet, but, when I went back to the Reef area to look for the Ruby Coral, I was able to get the key from the blue candle.
    Thanks again Cat.
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