Phantom Harpist?

I've looked everywhere around Habren's Quarters. Lots of Quiet Spirits and a statue. I've used the Strike Dumb on everything with no luck. What am I missing?


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    You're missing the Phantom Harpist. : ) He's behind a crackable wall but you have to avoid the squares that move you away.

  • Thanks. I had been there before. I guess I just missed it.
  • I think I may have killed the Harpist (he is not there where you indicate) but Sabrina just says "Please find and silence that harpist so my lady may rest". I didn't use any spell as far as I remember.

    Tried sleeping 7 days but only Quiet Spirits return.

  • He's there. But he only appears at night. You would know if you got rid of him or not because you have to talk to him first.

  • I feel like an idiot. Of course you're right and he was there at night. Thanks!

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