Black Bogatyr tower entrance

So I was taking good notes as I picked up quests, but then I had a phone call (I'm on a mobile phone), and I clicked thru the explanation on how to get into the other tower - I've saved Vasilisa, now to turn the sadistic SOB who kidnapped her into a biology student's wall chart.


  • Walk around in Ezersk North at night until a woman appears. She should be in the southeast there.

  • Thanks - so the same woman who let me into Vasilisa's tower?
  • Nope - she wasn't out. I did find 'a castle key' on the ground, but no woman wandering. Maybe I didn't explain well enough; I'm trying to get past the barrier for the second tower, not Vasilisa's tower. I already saved her - now it's time to disembowel her captor. :P
  • Ah, seems I solved it myself. Castle key gets you in, and it's easy from there.
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