Michele Laconto's Guide to finding the Seven Feathers and making Buyan Invisible

Find each of the magic feathers, free Hazarex, Find the Panopteric Crown book, Steal a rock, hypnotize Cat, ask Gbol for march music, persuade Bready Freddie , persuade Risha the Realator, kill Garguille Louie, Recover wedding gifts, find Au\'u,.....
Talk to Old Shaman in the Faculty Building in East Point. Ask how you can help to restore the Panopteric Crown. He will send you to release the Book of the Panopteric Crown from its enchantment where it lies in a cave under Mount Buyan.
When get to the mountain, search for a gray colored wall and hit it with your weapon.

Once you\'re inside there, search the walls for a small button and press it. You\'ll be in the area with the entrance. Go down inside.
There are a few odd colored walls you\'ll be able to hit with your weapon to open them.
Look for Explorer Doff. There will be a painting near him. Classic version: Cast the \'Harm Undead\' spell on it to receive the book. HD version: Tap the painting. Bring the book to Old Shaman.

Talk to Old Shaman about the crown again. He will then give you the quest for seven magic feathers.
1. Feather of Imdegud –
You get this from Silvergirl in the Faculty Building after you finish her quest to find and free Hazarex She hints at the Bluerass Shore area.
Free Haxarex-
Go to the Bluegrass Shore area and find the home of Hazarex. There\'s an undead Orc nearby that you will get the \'Undead Key\' from. (He will drop your hp to 40, so you may want to heal yourself before you fight him.) You\'ll receive enough undead karma to be able to get into the area where Hazarex is being held prisoner.
Head west towards the Testing Grounds. There\'s a gap in the ground towards the southwest with a rock next to it- walk over the rock to fall into the Cave of the Prisoner.

Use the \'Undead Key\' to open the first gate. Through here, are a few doors that are opened in different ways. There\'s a gap that you\'ll need to throw/shoot something across to activate a lever that opens a door somewhere. There\'s a red smoke/flame in a corner that you need to tap to get the \'Undead Orcish Key\'. One of the locked doors in this area you\'ll be able to walk around the passage to the backside of it without even opening it. There\'s a slightly odd colored wall to the south that you\'ll need to hit with your weapon to open it. There\'s a switch plate on the floor that you\'ll need to walk over a few times to activate it. There\'s a passage to the northeast that has a switch plate at the end and an odd colored wall that you\'ll need to hit. There\'s a teleport to the next area. You\'ll find Hazarex behind a door here. He will give you the \'Throne Room Key\' and \'Hazarex\'s Freedom Axe\'. You\'ll need the axe to kill the Undead Orc King.
Use the \'Throne Room Key\' on the next gate. Activate the switches: N-SW-SE. You\'ll be able to pass to the next area. Activate these switches: Mid S-SE-SW. Pass to the next area. The switch order here is: NW-SW-E. The door to the King\'s Chamber requires 121+ lockpick to open it. Be sure you have Hazarex\'s Freedom Axe equipped to eliminate the Undead Orc King. There\'s a Crystal Skull on a shelf in this room also.

Return to the home of Hazarex to clear the Undead Orc King quest.
Return to Silvergirl for The magical Feather of Imdegud.
2. Feather of Semargl-
Semargl is in Semargl Swamp he wants you to bring his wife an extra-large bag of Hacker Crackers. You can get a bag from Bready Freddie at the Breadfruit Plantation to the north. For Bready Freddie, you need to find and persuade Risha the realtor in Cygnusium to sell his haunted house in Kite Lake. You\'ll need to eliminate Gargouille Louie in the Black Kite area for Risha and buy the deed to the house there. Return to Risha for the deed, then to Breddie Freddie for the crackers.
3. Feather of Gamayun-
Gamayun is in Crop Island inside a hut there. Gamayun wants march music from Gbol at East Point Academy. For Gbol, you\'ll need to Hypnotize Cat to find out why she has a strong urge to go west, she doesn\'t know why and destroy whatever is attracting her. You\'ll need the Cat\'s Eye necklace from Gbol, and catnip. (You may also need higher mind magic)
Some places where you may find Catnip:
•Smuggler\'s Tunnel •Tower of Impatience.
•There\'s one in a puddle to the east of CivilStriker\'s Demon.
•On a rock in front of a black statue in Squirrel Forest.
•Mid to Southwestern area of Two Wings River.
Once you hypnotize Cat, she will tell you about the book of Curiosity in the northeast part of Spur of the Sailor\'s Skull area on a statue. Tap the statue for the book.
Return to Gbol to clear Cat\'s quest, get the march music and complete the task for Gamayun. Also return to Cat.
4. Feather of Sirin –
Sirin is in Tail Peninsula- southwest: “Bring me \"The Genealogy of the Pterosapian Mages\" book and I\'ll give you the feather. Good luck, oh brave Hero! The book was last known to be in the hands of a mage in Iron Swamp.” It\'s on the eastern side behind a green wall in the first tunnel area of Swamp Mines.

Return to Sirin for the feather.
5. Feather of Finist-
Finist is in Fulmar Beach in the northeast corner: “You recover my beautiful Flamingo Girdle, Blue Diamond Diadem, and Music Box from those thieves and I\'ll let you pull the feather from my tail yourself.” You can buy the music box from a shop that sells miscellaneous Simeon\'s shop, \"Odd Goods\" in Tail Peninsula randomly has it. The girdle and diadem are in the Caves. Walk north of Rish the Realtor in Cygnasium to the hole in the ground in the Eagle Rocks area. There\'s a dark colored wall you need to tap. The girdle and diadem are in the far northeastern part on shelves.

  1. Feather of Chikavatch -
    Chikavatch is in Firebird Slope: “Recently, there\'s been a lot of turmoil in my beehives. Invader Drones have attacked my Bee Queen and forced her to leave the hive. Can you destroy the drones and bring back the queen?” You\'ll receive the Hammer of Bees. You\'ll need to find the hollow tree to the southwest of Chickavatch. Find and destroy the three Destructor Drones in the hive and then find the queen in a cave to the northwest of Chickavatch in the Golden River area and convince her to return. You\'ll need to find an odd colored bush and hit it with your weapon. Find the cave entrance and talk to the Bee Queen.
    Return to Chickavatch for a feather.
  2. Feather of Alkanost -
    Alkanost is in the Beak: “You\'ll have it if you bring me felinopetrite. That\'s a very rare magic mineral and I\'m sure that a certain Lukomorian magician of a feline nature definitely has one.” You\'ll need to find the hole with a ladder just behind Cat\'s house in the western part of squirrel forest. The Feline Rock for Alkanost is down there. You\'ll need a magnetic rock to get it. Echo, the blue flame/smoke column in Mount Buyan will give you one when you save her sister Au\'u from Slazier in Ruins of Ancients. Go to the Ruins of Ancients and enter the Cult Hall. Hit all four of the green orb/pedestals to free the spirits.

Return to Echo for the magnetic rock.
Go back to the Catacombs and magnetize the Feline Rock and bring it to Alkanost.
Bring the seven feathers to Snet Bigsnapper in the Faculty building.
Talk to Old Shaman, then head to the Forgotto Grotto and Submarine. You need to place the feathers in the Cockpit.

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