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Hi Cat, enjoyed celtic queen. It was one of the best expansions. Only a few small graphical gltiches (the sign of the smith in some castle, the house of the hog when you give the stones) no serios problems. It is extraordinary that you are able to get a game working that fast with nearly no mistakes/bugs/glitches. Thank you for the great work. I'm currently lvl 60 what's going to come next? Do i have a chance to reach lvl 100? Enemies were ok a little to easy, but i think i'm Not the normal player. Played the main game and every expansion avalaible except of celtic rift.


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    Thanks. The next expansion is HOLIII and it's designed for level 50. I'm working on Caerworn Castle after that and I could bump it up to level 60. I think you get enough xp in HOLIII to support that but won't know until we're finished testing HOLIII. You will get a chance to reach level 100 at some point. : )

    Smith's sign will be fixed next update. Someone already pm'd me about that. The Hanover glitch is a mobile glitch. I have to ask Elendil about that. Do you have a save file there? He usually needs a save file to hunt down something like that.

  • Hello cat, unfortunaly i don't have a save file from that point. It is there only for a few seconds and it doesn't affect the gameplay. Looking forward for the next expansions😉
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