Whisk a way wand

I cannot find this wand to persuade Malin to return home. Any tips where this wand could be? Goblin gave me a tip, but I forgot what he said and cannot find it in any available book... :'( :'(


  • Goblin told you on Enclave of Wizards Island, there' a hollow tree. Who knows what could be in it? : )

  • Actually that very area was one of first places I went around..thank you I got it. I got terribly sick in there and have to find cure somewhere, but wand is mine. Thanks Cat!

  • There are two hollow trees in that area. One is spoor's workshop and the other says that something huge flies away when I tap on it. Is there any shop that sell it?

  • That means you already got the Whiskaway Wand. And did something with it. It can't be sold. Perhaps you stashed it away somewhere? You're in luck however because Phredd sells it.

  • Ok, I find it thanx

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