Chances for Sale/Discounts on expansions

Hello everybody.
This question is not meant to disrespect any of you, neither the fantastic work Cat and the guys at Redshift have been doing on the HD releases.
It basically boils down to my selfish interest and habit of batch buying everything from a dev.

So, has there been any real discussion on setting a sale of the HD remaster of the expansions? specifically on Android, where there are weekly sales in different apps and games.

I hope I'm not offending anyone by this question. I honestly love this expansions and wouldn't mind buying all of them full price.



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    No offense. I have no control over the pricing. You'd have to write

    To keep things in perspective though, the expansions are 2.99. A cup of coffee is about 2.25. The cost of a package of graphics for me to use in a new expansion is about $60-85. :)

  • Yeah.
    Y'know, I just wanted to have the true honest answer.
    Now, I'll just go purchase all expansions :smiley:
    Thanks a Lot Cat. Also, hope we'll get an HD mithril horde. I adore that expansion.

  • I' d pay any price....

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