key to monastery garden

please help where is it?


  • You get it from Father Drazhen in the monastery if you accept his quest.

  • I already did that but the father said i had it in my pocket, where is it?.. (he didnt give me the key)
  • Talk to Josef there. The boy may have stolen it. : )

  • Still can not do i just finished my HOL II, Im curious that i try played games at first time and that father drazen really give me the key and success go to garden, how can i realised in the middle of the game is missing, is that possible any important item missing or stealing in the middle of the game?
  • If I remember correctly, key is hidden very close in that same area. Keep trying to find it...

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    I was confused about which key you needed. There are two keys.

    One Father Drazhen gives you if you accept his quest to weed his garden. That's the one you seem to be missing. But you only get that from Father Drazhen if you accept his quest to weed his garden. This is what he says, "You're so kind to poor, old Father Drazhen. Take the key to the garden."

    The other key you get if you talk to the boy Josef in the monastery about a crypt, he tells you, "I've got nightmares from exploring that creepy place myself. I'm sorry to say I stole Father Drazhen's key to the crypt. I'm really sorry I ever went down there. Good thing I can run fast. Take the key and see for yourself." He gives you the key to the crypt.

    If you don't have either of those keys now, maybe you used them and have some kind of glitch. It's not necessary to finishing the game.

    Once you use a key, it usually disappears from your inventory.

  • Omg i forget that i drop it on shelf in my house inside school of magic hikss.. sorry to bother you all..
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