No-name lake

Hi Cat, I’ve searched high and low, but can’t figure out how to get to the island to rescue you! I have the “help free cat” quest from Silvergirl and can see a teleporter on the island, but stumped on where to find the other teleporter to send me there? Perhaps I missed a clue at somewhere...

I’ve explored the mole holes and tunnels thoroughly, and noticed that there is one mole hole that seems “inactive”. There are two holes in the adjacent old graveyard - the west one takes you down to the tunnels (normal), the other one doesn’t seem to work? Walk back and forth and nothing happens. Strange...


  • If you have the quest, you have to find Hermione in Redshift University. She'll send you to where I am, once again kept cruelly captive and, once again, hungering for a rock.

    Some of the mole holes are just decorative. They're holes.

  • Thanks! I should have spent more time knocking on EVERY door at Redshift U. Don’t worry, I’ll find your rock! (I hope)

  • Waiting patiently. : )

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