Stuck in the castle of glass

I’ve played through before & I’m trying to figure out if the game is not working right or if I’m missing something else. I’m stuck with Alfi in the Castle of glass, he’s opened my first two chests, and needs help repairing the lockpick for the third. I have repair 63 and definitely know burning hand, which I thought were the only criteria... but apparently “I’m all thumbs” any advice?


  • Do you have the chest? What does he say to you?

  • Yeah, I have it. I say “I have one more” & he says he has another problem and that the diamond cutter is broken.

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    Is this the HD or Classic version?

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    In the Classic Version, you need repair greater than 100. I softened in the HD version or a tester knocked me over the head. There you need Repair greater than 50. Try to enchant things and/or train.

  • You also have to first get poor ol' Alfi a new glass cutter. You can buy one in one of the shops (not sure which) or find the one that's hidden elsewhere in the Castle of Glass (remember coming across a floor pad switch that didn't do anything when you stepped on it?)

  • Thanks Catacomber! It is Classic! Going for the hundie

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