Curse Lifted

I have finished the game with just for quests unsolved. I’m not gonna ask about them and maybe go back every once in a while and try and figure them out because I don’t want to bug you anymore about them. Great great game! A big thanks to all theit people that put the game together. So the big question is when will Celtic queen posted. And I hope nobody gets annoyed from me saying this but feel free to charge a couple dollars more, you deserve it for all the hard work and should be rewarded.


  • Elendil will try to work on uploading Celtic Queen to the Apple Store and the Google Play Store this weekend. I can't promise he'll have the time but he's going to try. Then it has to be approved in both places. I upload to Steam at the same time. So please be patient. If you need help with those quests, come back. :)

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