Fairy Silk

I found 4 of the 5 pieces of silk for the fairy so she will make the disguise. I have cut the lawn on every square in the fairy area, meaning I went back-and-forth walking on each square at least once. In the Northwest there’s a lot of rivers and rocks that makes ir hard but I think I got all of them. But I’ve only found four of the five. Are all five in this same section or is one of them in joining section. Anyway you can tohelp me? This is Green Fairies Moor.


  • They are all in that section.

  • This ones killing me. I cant do most of the rest of the quests withou it. Any chance you could map out the locations. I know that is asking alot, if not, I understand.

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    First try this--tap a hollow tree. Step on a rock, in a pool, in some tall, wheaty looking grass and tap a yellow bush.

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    Cat, first of all you are awesome. Second of all you are dastardly. That one in the bush was a killer. But I’ve got it now and can go on with the game thank you so so much!

  • I try very hard to be dastardly. Thanks. :)

  • The one in the bush is the one I missed as well . I love these games thank you so much.

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