Lost in the clouds

I am wondering all around the clouds killing giants while looking for the 6 knights. I figured out how to get to the edge of the map and have wandered all around but alas I just find a lot of empty space out there. I’ve gone through the teleports but they don’t lead to anything important. There’s a giant up on the north part of the map that I’m told shouldn’t be bothered but I want to bother him. What do I do to get the six knights rescued?


  • Did you try tapping or hitting the gate?

  • Yes and was told shouldnt bother him

  • You need Lockpick greater than 90. : )

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    I do not want to keep disturbing you cat, so one final question on this and then I’m gonna leave you alone. I’d rather you work on the next game then spend time answering my questions. But the Giants area is driving me crazy. My Pick skill is 110, and I never get the opportunity to open the door. It just gives the do not disturb message. I kind of remember clicking on the door and something happening earlier in the game, But I’m not sure. So what are all the signs saying to pitch the night to the ground for fun. Are they kust helping you find the invisible pathways? And where are these nights I’m supposed to find. If you can help me this time I’m just going move on as this is a side quest. But you know how us RPG geeks are, wanting to solve every little thing.
    . Thanks again!

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    It's all done through dialogue. You are never going to get in there or see the Knights you rescued but if you had lock pick over 90 you got a message you rescued them if you had the quest. They all ran off. Try going back to the quest giver to turn in the quest. Those signs are just for fun.

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