Cave of the Ascetics

I have just started the game, but only 5 steps after entering the cave, I step on a square occupied by a plant with spiked leaves, and become infected with Hades itch. Nasty! Casting Resist diseases spell and potions ahead of time don’t seem to help. Went away for a while, had a nap, came back, but invariably I get the dreaded itch at this same location every time. I tried to scorch the plant with spells and hack it with my sword, but doesn’t help. To make matters worse, if I proceed further to the transporter room, there’s another one of those same damn plants, and I invariably catch Gehenna Fever at this location.

According to the faq, curing these diseases is no easy matter. After I exit the teleporter, my stats are so depleted by these two diseases, that I can’t make any progress without being skewered (Level 32).

Is there some way to avoid these two diseases so early in the game?


  • No. The original title of HOLII was Tainted Blood. The best thing you can do is get the cures. Go see Old Shaman and MuldrzSiS in Redshift University, do their quests and you can get the cures. Try enchanting your gear with what you need until you get the cures: moar importantly Environment Magic, Fortify Magic, Resist Magic, Fortify Melee and use strategy, long range weapons and run.

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