I seem to be stuck no keys?

Hi I just started Macha’s Curse and I can’t seem to go any further. I have been in the castle and can’t get anywhere no key, I found the troll hole and did all the dungeon I could find , found a lower level but again no key .
Please let me know what I am missing or doing wrong .
Thank you in advance.


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    Do you mean you can't open the gate to Emain Macha? If that's the case, you didn't talk to everybody in the Red Branch Knights' Castle. You need to talk to everybody there. Cathearn gives you the key to the gate to Emain Macha, which you seem to be missing.

    If that doesn't work, you might have a glitched save file, go back to an older one. Always keep a few save files.

  • It worked thank you . Must have been a glitch as I could not get in the door to speak to the red nights either .But all worked when I went back to a saved game .

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