Hero of Lukomorye IV - Argimon's Guide to his Castle

If you have any problems and this walkthrough doesn\'t help you send me a PM message.

The first two floors don\'t need any help. In the first you need to find some walls that could be set invisible, activate a few switches and kill some monsters. The second floor is about fighting - no need for help (maybe one advice: kill everything that moves before it kills you).

The third floor is a little bit different. You will find there monsters, tricky walls and last but not least nice puzzles.

I won\'t describe the way through the floor step by step, only how to solve the puzzles.

1) Four switches with tablets opposite them.

  • You need to find the right order in which to press the switches. The key to this puzzle is the text on the tablets opposite the switches. On each tablet is a name with title. You need to sort the titles alphabetically to get the right order.

For lazy players:

First puzzle solved.

2) Bubbles on the floor

  • Only thing you need to do is to cast Disarm on the bubbles. One disarm on the first, two on the second and (big surprise) three on the third bubbles.

3) Room with paintings

  • Here are three things you could do, find one key, reveal a secret room and talk with Mole Guard.

Key: you could find it by tapping on one of the paintings (north-west one). This key is needed to open the doors to Torture Chamber.
Mole: see below.
Secret room: you need to cast a spell on one of the walls to set the wall invisible. The wall is in the north-east part of the room, near the candles on the wall. Behind that wall could be a force field (how to lower it is described below). Behind the force field is the shelf with the Mole Dagger (take it, you will need it later).

4) Mole guards

  • One is in the room with paintings and the second one is at the end of the main corridor (the one you started the floor in). You need to talk with them. After you talk to both of them, you will be able to set invisible one wall (with the Mole Dagger) - this wall is at the end of corridor that leads to the Torture Chamber.

5) Room with spider\'s webs.

  • There are candles in the main corridor. Opposite them is wall that leads to this room. Simply cast any spell on the wall. In the room are spider\'s webs, if you want to destroy them use fireball. Interesting things in this room are button, note with number and shelf with disarm, unlock and some money.

Switch: by activation of this switch you will lower the force field in the secret room in the room with paintings.
Note: you will need it later.
Shelf: in front of this shelf is a blood screen that lets you access the shelf only if you have low health (around 20hp).

6) Torture chamber

  • Only thing you need to do in this room is to find a key. Simply examine bodies at the end of this room. The key will unlock a door that leads to the room opposite the torture chamber.

7) Room with wells

  • You need to find the right combination here. Help are decorations on the walls.

For lazy people:
Water and Poison

This puzzle will lower force fields behind the wall that is set invisible by the Mole Dagger.

8) Corridor behind the mole wall.

  • To leave this corridor you have to find a wall, that could be set invisible (you have to use the unlock spell). The wall is near candles on the wall.

9) Room with spheres

  • There are four spheres; five switches belong to each sphere. Your task is to activate the right number of switches in each pentad. The color of the spheres should help you to find the right numbers. But first thing you need to do is activate each pentad of switches. Each pentad could be activated with the same switch as the others.

Spheres help:

  • Help is the color of the spheres.
    For example: Blue sphere. Word blue has four letters, so for this sphere you need to activate four switches. The same goes for the other spheres.

More help:

  • Before you start solving the puzzle, all swicthes have to be deactivated.

First thing you need to do is activate all the north and south switches. Message \"Switches activated.\" should appear (for each of the switches). Next thing you have to do is to activate right number of switches in each pentad. Help are the colors of the spehers in the corners (each sphere belong to one of the pentads).

Green - activate 5 switches
Red - activate 3 switches
Blue - activate 4 switches

If you activate right number of swicthes in each pentad a message \"Click\" should appear.

After you solve all five the door at the end of the room will be opened.

10) Six switches after the sphere\'s room

  • You need to find right combination in which you have to activate the switches. There are tables with numbers that should help you to find the combination.

Right combination:

  • switch next to the table with 1
  • siwtch between switches 4 and 2
  • switch 2
  • swicth 3
  • switch between 3 and 1
  • switch 4

11) Letters puzzle

  • There\'s a series of switches. You could access only two (one pair) in one moment. When you press a switch you will see a message with a letter (switch is down). When you press a switch again (switch is up) you will be teleported to another pair of switches. The letters of the switches should put together a word.

Key word: argimon

More help:

  • When you activate a switch a message with letter appears. When you use the switch for the second time you will be teleported to another part of the puzzle.

All you have to do is (starting with switch with letter \'A\': activate switch, read the message, use the switch again (if the message has right letter).

If you have done everything correctly, after you use the switch with letter \'N\' you will be teleported out of the puzzle.

12) Vault

  • During your way you should find three notes with numbers, they are key to the vault.

That\'s all the puzzles you need to solve to complete the dungeon.

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