Wolves Den

The wolf that killed Zora's sister didn't appear what do I need to do?


  • A bunch of other wolves did after touching the walls but not the one that ate Zoras sister
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    It's there. That den is bigger than it looks. Not at my computer until late tonight. The one that ate Zora's sister is among those wolves.

  • It drops Shura's Amulet. Did you check the floor? It's not sellable.

  • Thank You

  • I keep on restarting the mission at a save point and still no necklace after I kill all of the Wolves am I meant to speak to the wolf? The necklace just isn’t there

  • It's there. You're not meant to speak to it. But you won't see that wolf until you get the quest from Zoya to find his sister Shura.

  • Here is the location of the Hornbeam Button and Mighty Cudgel.

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