Were there changes made to the paralyse spell since updating to 7.0.1? It seems harder to land the spell since I downloaded the update.


  • There's an update since that but Ios hasn't updated the embedded game yet, just the standalone. Should be soon. Elendil submitted both at the same time.

    Try using dual wield meanwhile or enchanting your gear with a lot of AC.

  • By the way, the changes I made before were because some players found some of the monsters too easy. You shouldn't be able to paralyze everybody and in Celtic Queen there are some monsters you can't easily paralyze. That's intentional. There are other ways of dealing with them---strategy for one, increasing your AC for another. Being able to paralyze everything means there is no chance to use strategy to escape monsters.

    But the update to Macha's will restore your ability to paralyze.

    But be warned in Celtic Queen, not all monsters are susceptible to paralyze. Many are but some you need to find other ways to deal with them. By saving and reloading and thinking about strategy, I'm still alive. : )

  • Thats cool. I dont like games that are too easy. Alot of times I intentionally make the game harfde by instituting my own rules. In this game, I dont buy any gear or healing and mana spells and dont emchant. Makes it more fun.

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