Items left at the end of Macha's Curse

Here are some items that I have in my inventory after finishing the game and wonder if I should store, sell, or use them:

  • Farseeing Globe
  • Gold (12x)
  • Silver (14x)
  • Runestone (4x): can't remember ever being prompted to use them at all
  • Sea Foam (22x): one of the creatures in the Reefs shops near the Sea God offers to buy them. Any other uses?
  • Coral gem (13x): same as Sea Foam
  • Water Bubble (4x): I used a bunch to open energy walls in the Reefs
  • Demon Stone gem (1x): I only ever found one (I think) but was never prompted to use it in any quest
  • Ruby Coral (2x): I think I used a bunch for a quest
  • Sugared Almonds (1x): I used one of these to solve a side quest
  • Pirate Chest (6x): only 1 was from MC and 5 from a previous expansion. I remember opening these at a lockpick shop, but I forget which one. The only forum post I found referred to Kindo right outside of Albion, but he doesn't do anything with them.


  • If you've finished all the quests, you can safely sell or stash or dump those items except the Pirate Chests. Kindo is in Macha's. She's in Tulsk Village.

  • Oh! Missed that – thanks!

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