Dragon Jade FAQ

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Abode of Agony Yin Helm-There is a Yin section and a Yang section. One can't go into the other. You are either one or the other depending on whether your governing principle is male or female.

There's a statue there. You need Personality greater than 44 to get the helm. It's the statue that says Hmmm otherwise.

Rock of Sages-You need to talk to Jiu-feng, the Sacred Rooster with persuade of at least 70. To find the Sacred Rooster, you need Bird Wings which you can find in the nest lying on the ground in one spot where you teleport.

You need to find the correct sequence in the teleporter puzzle to teleport to the Sacred Rooster. For that other door you can get to -- you need the Vermilion Key but that has nothing to do with the Rock of Sages. : ) You can get some nice gold if you have the Vermilion Key. That key is on the ground behind a tappable wall as you go through the teleport puzzle. ^^

You just need to go through the teleport puzzle until you find yourself in a place where you can use the bird wings.

To cross the water in the Maze of Agony, look for a secret switch. Hit it.

In the West Crafting Hall, there is a booth with your name on. See Old Shaman in Temple of Ancients.

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