Farseeing globe

I've cleared out as much of the Fourth Dimension as seems possible, (unless I'm missing platforms in the south east teleportation area?) I can't seem to find the Farseeing Globe anywhere. Any tips/hints?!


  • It's on a shelf in roughly the mideast. After you kill the spiders for the Soulless One, you can teleport to a new section. When you get there you will be facing south, turn and you'll see a red gate. Inside the area the red gate leads to, you'll find a floor switch. Step on it twice and it will take you where you need to go.

    What, you can't open the red gate? Not to fear. Find a keyhole there that will make it more friendly and easy to open.

    However, to use that keyhole, you need Lord Infestor's Key. That is on a shelf behind the other Red Gate there. (Couldn't make it too easy.) To open that gate, you need Strength greater than 99.

  • You'll still have to get the red wall of force down that keeps you from the shelf. I don't want to spoil it. : )

  • Omigod - it was just sitting there, on a shelf. All this time!

    I had managed to figure out all that other stuff, and kill loads of nasty critters in the western area, but somehow I entirely missed picking up anything on that shelf!

    Thank you x 100000 again ;)

  • I'll never forget how you helped me when I was playing Legacy and it was so hard in places, I actually cried. I miss gyffes and all the others from 1SRC.

  • You have more than repaid any help I gave back then! I honestly have no idea how I managed to work those games out, they were SO hard! I like to think I'm getting better at Quest expansions but I know I can still be so clueless ;)

    I updated the page on my site, hopefully it's still all correct. The original ones are gradually being replaced by the HD ones: http://rpg-site.com/2017/08/22/the-quest-hd/

  • Everything looks fine there. Thanks. Celtic Queen will be level 45.

  • I cleared out all of the monsters and found the globe but when I tapped it a large dialogue box came up and I missed what it said. I went on to the other places but every time I try to actually steel the globe (tap it) it just says something about it shimmering. I’m lost. Can’t you help, please?

  • Thanks anyway. I found it .. not sure what I did differently- just left the 4th D for a few days and came back. Found it on a shelf 😬

  • Sometimes on mobile that's what it takes. I don't know why.

  • I stuck on the iron spiders web... please help

  • Never mind, I ve find it

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    hey there. i play a rasvim mage. strenght 53 :( even ultimate strenght potion boosts my str to 73 and no more. am i stuck here forever??

    edit: silly me. i boosted an amulet and got it done...
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