Red Biter

I can’t figure out what I need to kill the red biter in the abyss. None of my weapons or spells work. Any tips would be appreciated.


  • You need the Harpoon. As you enter that level, there's one on the floor, on the left (westerly) as you enter.

  • It’s got me blocked into the entrance tunnel so I can’t get to it. I thought I had a harpoon at some point but must have dropped it. Will the monsters in the dungeon reset after seven days or will that spider still be there?

  • The monsters---all the monsters should reset---but he has code on him so I'm not sure. He might still be there. You'd be better off trying to buy the harpoon from the Expert Bladesmith but it's rare in his inventory. You could camp out outside his door until it shows up--since you want to try sleeping 28 days, that shouln't hurt.

  • Everything reset and I was able to get to the credits. Thank you.
  • You're very welcome!

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