Stardust and island in top left corner

Two quick questions.
1 I have the angel quest but don’t know where to get the stardust from. It keeps saying I must have lost it somewhere.

2 I forget how to get to the island in the top left corner of the map. St. Kilda’s Island. I know I’ve been there but can’t remember when or how.


  • For the stardust, talk to everyone in Redshift University. There is a way back to St. Kilda's but can't check it right now. Not at my computer. Did you mark in Cave of the Ascetic's? That's in St. Kilda's. That's the place where you started the game. If you need a quick way and you're playing the embedded game, recall to Mithria and travel back through the captain there.

  • There are a few ways back to St. Kilda's Island--one is the Hospital Quarantine area in Ezersk-North End if you have your Luko badge. Probably the closest to you is the teleporter in the Port Quarter in the north in some trees.

  • Oh it is the starting island. Thank you. That was driving me nuts. I could see it on my map and it was filled in but couldn’t remember how I got there. Thank you.

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