Potential glitches in iPhone version

Hi Cat,

Good to be back on the forum (not sure why I wasn't there anymore). These are some various "errors" I think I've found in Macha's Curse. Some are just typos in the texts, some are more about the game itself. If helpful at all, I'll be updating this list whenever I find new items to add.


  • The name of the wizard at the entrance in the Red Knights' keep doesn't show
  • Enemies can't cross quadrant borders on world map
  • Wolves have the voices that undead enemies usually have
  • In the Cloud Giants' area, the whole eastern part of the map seems undone or glitchy
  • First two enemies in ice arena, standing in front of the first door on the left: the cartouche where the name usually appears does not show while fighting or otherwise
  • Bojorner's map to school north of phryn found in barrel in Longford village

Typos (I've been bad at tracking these and I know there are more in the early game locations):

  • hole next to stone troll (?) statue: "climib down" (instead of "climb")


  • You weren't on the forum anymore because this is a brand new forum. Everybody had to reregister.

    We can't test on mobile so I can't see what the game is like on mobile. To test on mobile is a lot of hoops and Elendil is busy with the Quest 2, so for minor glitches like names that are long or monsters not crossing quadrants and maybe a few other things, there isn't much I can do about it as he's focused on the Quest 2.

    I shortened Cathearn's name though in his figure but am not going to change it in the quest list or anywhere he's referred to because it's too complicated.

    The Wizard's name shows up on PC. It's Cathearn of the Brilliant Deeds.

    Enemies now can't do that if I put a lot of barriers. I reported this to Elendil and it seems it's just that way.

    I like the Wolves' voices as undead. : )

    The Cloud Giants are in the sky---I don't know what it looks like on mobile but it looks fine on PC.

    The enemies' names seems to be an iphone glitch. I have no control over that. I will check it and report it to Elendil.

    The first two enemies in the Ice Arena are Snow Tops. I can't shorten the name really and I don't want to trouble Elendil with something so small. It might take him a long time to search out the problem and probably it might be hard to find. The code isn't his.

    If I set a barrel to randomly show normal items, they show up even if they're from the base game. Just ignore Bojourner's map. The Quest originally wasn't made with so many expansions in mind so things like this will happen.

    I will fix the typo near the Stone Troll. Thanks. These are good things to keep in mind but not much I can do about most of them.

  • I noticed some of these things, nothing game breaking yet. I actually thought the enemies-not-crossing thing was a feature, and I rather liked it!

  • I have no control over that if I want a lot of trees or other impediments. Their AI can't deal with it.

  • That's all well – I only meant to help if help was needed.

    Btw, a couple more things I noticed:

    • Macha's temple is reported as being in Dun Daigan in the "Macha's tears" quest, but it's Wailing Point
    • after opening the treasury door in Roth Cragan, if you click on the door, it says "this door is locked"
  • Will upload new quest list in a few minutes.
    That "this door is locked" is an editor problem. Sometimes I take the time to correct it and sometimes I just don't have the time. Just consider it a "warning notice" that lingers. There's a way to get rid of it but it's lengthy.

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