Young Knight Quest

I can't find this young man anywhere. I have been all through the Fairy Queens Castle, including where the children are kept to no avail. Any hints?


  • He's in the Children's Workshop there.

  • I have talked to every child in the workshop several times. Am I supposed to do something else? All say they can make something for me except the one in the west side, who just says "We are all children of the fairy folk."
  • One of them has two dialogue options, and the second one (possibly if you have a specific sword?) should lead to the exchange-with-wax option.

  • You need Toby's sword and the piece of wax Liz gave you as Israra says.

  • I have the wax, just not the sword. Guess I'll need to go shopping!
  • BTW, where is Toby's sword? Did I miss it somewhere? I'm pretty sure I have traveled the whole map.
  • Never mind. I had stored it away in one of my cubbyholes.
  • Where do I find Toby's Sword?

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    When Liz gives you the quest she gives you Toby's Blade. It's not sellable.

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