Pirates island

For whatever reason, I am unable tI locate a way onto pirates island or secure any quests related to it. Any hints?


  • There is a hole in the waters edge in Kilfe's Bay. You have to possess Diving Suit armor in order to enter. I can't remember where I bought the armor, but it is expensive. $55k for me.
  • You can buy the armor from the armorer outside Red Branch Knights' Castle where you land BUT there is also one lying on the ground in the sewers. The ship to Pirate's Island is a sunken ship. So as DadSal says, you have to dive down. : )

  • Thank you. Got the quest to rescue the pirate queen and sharpen a sword. I met the Druid and he asked for gems, which I provided. He gave me a sharpening stone and said I needed to train. I had him train me, and now neither he nor the pirate queen speak to me (aside from his generic well dialogue). I have tried to “use” the sharpening stone to no avail. Am I missing something?
  • The Pirate Queen won't talk to you until you bring her her sharpened sword. Finnu wants the same three gems all over again, a sapphire, a diamond and an emerald. He's greedy. But I should have explained that in a dialogue so you get the bug finder's reward. Just let me know what you'd like AND bring him a diamond, a sapphire and an emerald.

  • Wow. Let’s go with a heavy weapon. Your choice on any bonuses. Thank you for all of your hard work.
  • Done. Can buy from superior shops. : )

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