Black Witch and Horned Man

Having problems with these. I have the chest of gold for the witch but she keeps taking my health. I have all 5 offerings for the Horned Man, which I set on the pentacle, but he keeps telling me to find and place the offerings. I’m a little under level at 38 but holding my own. Persuasion is at 91. ??? So happy to be playing a new expansion! Graphics are beautiful and the storyline so far is great!


  • NVM on the Horned Man, I was doing it wrong.

  • She needs Persuasion 95. Enchant something! : ) Thanks. Glad you are enjoying it. Spent a lot of time on the graphics.

  • Thanks Cat!

  • What did you have to do with the horned man. I’ve tried placing them on the points of the pentagram and on the pentagram but nothing seems to work.

  • You just have to step on the pentagram with all the objects in your pack and you need the quest. The objects are two horns, a Mother's tear, a Maiden's necklace and a Crone's Purse. The script on the pentagram checks your backpack for the quest and those items.

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