Green elves hall

One door I can’t get through or find key for? Big room, lots of dragon like guards. There’s a crack on the wall but hitting and tapping doesn’t reveal anything.
Ta chick x


  • You need a key which is on a crack in that room, but to get anything from the crack you need the quest-Crowning Stone-For Catacomber, Castle Breffny, steal back the Crowning Stone that was taken by the Green Elves so she can add it to her fabulous Rock Collection.

  • Ahhh, you must be behind the door I can’t get through! Can’t find key to that door or to teleporter!

  • Found hidden entrance

  • Thanks for your nice boots cat...:-)

  • You're welcome!

  • Hi Cat, Why is your door (Catacombers) locked in Red Branch Knights Castle? I don’t know how to get the Stoning Crown quest as per your above comment. Hope you can help me. Viv

  • Got it Cat. Snuck back into Brffney castle and voila!

  • Voila! ^^

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